Route Planner has always had a nice visualization thingy of the wind and rain, and now it’s added a route planner.

Nice VFR visualization of current conditions, terrain and clouds etc,-123.19;49.96,-119.38?49.357,-121.058,7

There’s an IFR option, but it doesn’t suggests a route like


I’ve used Windy a few times to check out some wind patterns looking at hurricanes and stuff. When I was looking at your link it had me interested in some of the other features of the map and noticed the map option on the bottom with the aviation symbol. Which brings up a really nice METAR airport capability if you hover your mouse over the airports listed. Pretty quick and painless way to see conditions at fields surrounding your destination to get a better idea of the nearby trends. Pretty cool!

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That’s pretty cool! When I was doing some of the Mudspike events, I was using to try and piece it together. This makes it much easier!

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I usually use Skyvector and Windy in conjunction, this is a welcome addition.

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Neat. I will have to check this out. Thanks for the heads up on this. One of the things I always run into when making missions in DCS is how do I figure out what the pressure statistic is for various parts of the world.

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