Wing Commander “Tim” Elkington Obit

WC Elkington Obit

A nice tribute to a BoB hero.


Unfortunately that website is impossible to read without signing up.

I remember reading his stories about 15 years ago on the 2gvsap IL-2 forums(Dart was part of that gang I believe). A few years ago I googled him and was happily surprised to see him still alive. He seemed like a wonderful fella back then.

Yep, you are correct unfortunately. I read it in the actual paper (the paper kind of paper) this morning and simply googled for the link. I didn’t think to test if I had access to the whole thing. Well, you’ll just have to trust me that he was a pretty nifty fella. One story had him getting chased down by three Bf-109s over the sea as his mother watched from her porch with a pair of binoculars. One 'schmit was flown by a German ace. It is that one that blew up Pilot Officer Elkington’s right wing tank. He managed to jump but still well off the shore. Certain that the young Hurricane pilot would drown if he splashed into the sea, Elkington’s wing commander swooped by several times to push his chute towards the beach. The crazy maneuver worked. The leader was himself shot down to his death days later.


I still have vivid memories of his stories of his time in Russia, unfortunately the forums these were posted on are down.

Perhaps someone else on here remembers as well?

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Dart is alive and kicking and flying is home built Nieuport 11.

The 2gvsap website has been down since 2013.

What’s left of the old 2gvsap website can be found at the Internet Archive.

Don’t expect a whole lot though. :frowning:


In 2007 I had the honor of hearing one of “The Few” speak at a Battle of Britain mess night at RAF Brampton. It was an awesome speech. He had also been a Hurricane pilot. His recollections from the Battle of Britain were essentially, “…so I took off and climbed to altitude, got Gerry in my sights, pressed my button and little bits fire off him!” We loved it. He had gone on to serve in North Africa and told us about that - also very interesting…one of those often ignored theaters…perhaps an Il-2 add on some day. I’d buy it.

Fair Winds to WC Elkington. :salute:

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Dart is a good guy, but what I liked the most about him was his wife. :smile:

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