Wings Over the Reich Out Now

Wings Over The Reich

is a single player immersive WW2 Combat Simulator for PC, based around an immersive single player experience with OBD’s IDCS™ in a living world (IDCS is OBD’s Immersive Dynamic Campaign System™).

This is Phase 1.
Fly and fight for your life in the air in World War 2.

Choose to fly a Hurricane MKI (late) in an RAF fighter squadron or in the Luftwaffe in a Messerschmitt Bf109 ‘Emil’.

Immerse yourself in the greatest air battle that has ever been - the Battle of Britain’ - rendered using new campaign systems developed by OBD.

In the next phases we plan to move the war to Europe and culminate in the extensive devastation of Europe by the day and night bombing raids over the German ‘Reich’.

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Is this a CFS3 mod like WOFF?

From their FAQ :

Licensing: You need to own Microsoft’s Combat Simulator 3 for licensing purposes. It is not needed to physically install it, but please make sure you own a copy.

Important: WOTR is standalone and should be installed into its own folders.

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Seems so… Cool. Dated but cool.

Yes, looks like Rowan’s Battle of Britain. WOFF is a great product in a pretty sparse field of WW1 sims, but WOTR is playing in a crowded era I think. Difficult to see anything unique or appealing in it at the moment sadly.

I like to support older sims but unless they eventually include some flyables that aren’t available elsewhere (Lancaster?) I will observe from the sidelines, Plus i watched the video and the Hurricane gun sounds were an instant negative for me.

Very dated. But they wouldn’t have made it unless there was a market. WOFF players jump through the hoops because the immersive quality of the game is worth it even if the visuals are not. Says a lot.

I’m always amazed what a dedicated team of modders can acheive with such a dated engine.

If they could make something like this VR compatible, it could be extremely cool as I’m guessing modern systems would be able to run this very well…

I think the seling point is OBD’s IDCS™ - OBD’s Immersive Dynamic Campaign System™.

And the plan, if sales go well, to cover Western Air Threat from BOB to Berlin bomber raids.

So I gues this is going to be ultimate and unique WWII ETO single player experience.

Alas, my copy of CFS3 went onto the “ash heap of history”, i.e. a Garage Sale. I kept CFS2, the one in the Pacific Theater) because I felt its planes were aerodynamically closer to the real thing. For instance, the Hellcat could beat a Zero as long as you kept your energy up and made slashing attacks vice trying to match the Zero in a turn fight.

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Funny thing, I did exactly the same. I didn’t dislike all of the third… But that RPG like thing with the pilot was really off-key…

CFS2 also had a much better manual…
And intro.
And box.

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No VR. Hard pass, I can’t do that no more. Sad.

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Good for you. For me, VR killed off all the old sims. It just doesn’t work for me anymore.


well liked the trailer…
but no VR? :sleepy:

Well… It’s still a CFS3 mod…

They lost me at “Phase I”, “The Battle of Britain”. If one were to divide the WWII European Air Campaign into phases, then Phase I probably should be the Battle of France. Just saying.


Its CFS3 overhaul imo :slight_smile:

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I’ve always been a CFS2 fan. The graphics are’s all that great but it is the Pacific theater so, water is water. I found the flight models to be fairly accurate representations of the real thing. You actually had to use historically accurate tactics that changed depending on your aircraft and the adversary.

I remember that was a campaign back in the days of the free ETO Mod for CFS3. I had a blast flying Dewoitine D.520’s over France.


Technically the invasion of Poland surely?