Wings Over The Rockies Museum, Denver

@1Peregrine & I visited the Denver air & space museum, Wings Over The Rockies today. It is in a hanger left over from Lowry Air Base. Some nice displays, but really crowded with aircraft right now. Had a nice outing. Got back to my friend’s and watched the latest F/A-18 video.

B-52 -

F-111 Nose

F-111 Plaque -

F-111 Cockpit -

F-111 In Shadow -

F-14 Tomcat -

B-1A Front -

B-1A Plaque -

B-1A Stairs -

B-1A Main Gear & Cruise Missile -

Sabre Right -

Sabre Plaque -

Sabre Left -

Sabre Left -

And, they have simulators! Two of these that can be flown together. And another two-seater that my friend and I rode in. It can be inverted - and we did - pretty fun -


I wonder what simulation engine they’re using? :thinking: (DISCLAIMER: <— That’s ironic)

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Came across this vid, very cool :slight_smile:


Thank you Nevo. That was!

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