Have any of y’all been keeping up with the WINWING or Brunner threads over on the DCS forums? The WINWING HOTAS looks pretty incredible, and I’ve been waiting forever for someone to break through with a FFB base powerful enough to run a Warthog stick on an extension. I’m interested in everyone’s thoughts on these.

It’s all very interesting.
But the Winwing has some red flags for me.
It seems to be very modular. Even the throttle handles can be removed?

And when they publish pics like this

I’m thinking that there’s no way that desk mount is going to support the weight of those units.
Now, they’re only renders. Maybe the real mounts are sturdier.

Now, maybe they have thought this through and have good solutions for connecting handles, panels and grips. I’m just a wee bit sceptical. I hope I’m wrong though.

As for the Brunner stick… Does it support more sims nowadays? Would be nice to try one out.


Totally agree regarding that F/A-18 HOTAS. I love the premise, but I want to see something in the wild before I consider dropping $800.

As for the Brunner, or really any new FFB offering, anyone that develops a FFB stick that can fully power a Warthog (or similar) handle on an extension will be a day one purchase for me. I realize that’s truly a niche market, as that kind of force needs to be hard mounted.

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Man, how awesome would it be to mount a stick so sturdy and with such strong ffb that you could truly wrestle compression effects coming out of a dive with all of your might. I’d pay dearly for that, make flying more physical.

The heft and weight of the warthog HOTAS goes some way, but I wouldn’t mind working much harder to haul a YaK through a tight turn.


Magz unboxes his Winwing gear.

The Hornet stick grip is smaller than the original…? :thinking: