Winwing orion2

I got the newer Orion2 hotas. Its ok I guess although my TM 16000 worked fine. Anyway I notice the Orion stick, regular model, is a bit loose and I think you can tighten it up a bit…anyone know how to do that? The throttle has adjusters right on the front but I don’t see that on the base/stick…thanks for any info…

one thing I noticed…when you tighten the collar counterclockwise it goes all the way up and takes out most slack. But…you have to back off the collar a half turn to get the lock screw hole to line up on a flat area…if you don’t use the flat area then you will damage the threads…or you can not use the lock screw at all…it doesn’t seem mandatory…but it would have been much better if WinWing had put an adjustor in the unit. Now I wonder if I could build a simple rub bracket with a pad that rubs up against the cam and in effect puts a dampening effect on the movement…just to take a small amount of slack out of it…its not very loose…just a bit loose…anyone have the Orion2 stick and modded it for this issue…?

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I own TM and Virpil sticks. I cant speak for the Orion stick but the Orion Throttle base is amazing. I hope you get this sorted.

I just brought home a second hand orion2 throttle with F18 handles. From the looks of it, a nice improvement over the warthog throttle. One things bothers me though… I wonder, is there an easy way to get an afterburner detent, or must I order a fingerlift kit from wingwing?

Edit 1: Just ordered a fingerlift kit from WinWing. Let them earn a buck or two.

Edit 2: Just test drove it for a bit. I like that long throw compared to the ole hog. I love the fact that bindings were (almost) perfectly done up for the hornet! Bally good show there WinWing! 做得好!

Edit 3: Whoa, and not just for the F/A-18! A-10CII also had pretty useful bindings out of the box! Sweet! I do miss the three-way boat switch though when hogging, and one hat on the throttle. Can’t have it all I guess :wink:


This excites me. :grin:

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Me too…

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Im invested heavily in WW. The quality is good, the choices are awesome. But i only buy their throttles. I have one for F-16, love it! I just bought the New throttle 10th anniversary edition and im waiting on the F-15E preorder. I also have the '18 throttles.
For a joy i use a Virpil base and Thrustmaster F-18/A-10 sticks. I may go WW sticks sometime but for now im happy w TM quality.


Have fun with my old throttle ;). Glad to see you’re enjoying it.

I can definitely recommend the fingerlift kit, it does feel a little flimsy if you want to press through on the afterburner detent, so I don’t often use that detent but I do really like the idle cut-off detent option.

I’m now rocking the F-15EX handles on my orion 2, I do really like the extra options on throttle. But ergonomics wise the FA-18 throttle definitely felt better.


Welcome to the spike, fellow dutchie flier!

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Im on preoreder… wonder when they will ship?

Soon™ :wink:

I did get up in the early morning when they were launching the F-15EX, unfortunately I also don’t have any clue when they might ship. Hoping for you it will be soon!

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