WINWING - Super Taurus Throttle

Jabbers has a quick intro to the SUNWING Super Taurus Thottle that is coming out soon. This is part one of a few videos and the next will focus on the stick.


Interesting that these high end sticks and throttles are coming out now when VR is removing the need for them.

For example, I’ve taken my Warthog HOTAS systems from all the buttons and axis assigned to about 1/3 of them assigned. Why assign a button when you can just move your controller and get it done. Like the Master Arm switch for the Mi-8. Even with TrackIR it was difficult to turn your head left and tilt it back to get the mouse to "score a hit’ - so I mapped it to a throttle button. Now with VR it is second nature - looks at it and move your virtual hand at it.

So when I look at something like this my first reaction is “Wow! How cool!”, followed quickly by “I’ll never be able to find my way around all those switches using the Braille aproach.”

Flip side is that if you’re building a 1:1 replica of the cockpit, reaching out in VR puts your hands in the exact place to perform the actual function.

Of a Hornet. But, of course, this is the problem with any controller peripherals, in VR.
I haven’t looked at Jabbers video, but I did see Magz unboxing. He said that he thought the stick grip was smaller than the original. That was unexpected. Provided he’s correct in his assumption.

Jabbers looks at the stick.

According to him it´s just 1/4” shorter than the TM stick, so not a big issue.

The gimbal is interesting, with dampers and cams. I´m not impressed with Winwings choice of centering mechanism. Seems like it´s going to be difficult to get rid of that center noise and detent feel…

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I think that the manufacturing capability is just becoming more available to products that are not as high a volume.


I think you’re correct.
High end CNC tools have become cheaper and are more common place, these days. Easier to set up a small shop and produce small numbers.


HUBBA HUBBA! :smiley: TROLLS CnTROLLers confirmed!


True enough. :slightly_smiling_face: And these are awesome products.

The only down side to that is when you build your Hornet cockpit only to discover you like the Viper better. I’ve always struggled with getting my “pit”–really a desk–enough like a cockpit but flexible enough to fly anything from a fighter to a 747…and helicopters too. I guess I need to make enough money to be able to line up about six Level D sims in my backyard. :thinking:

This is probably a discussion better held on the pit building thread…however, if you would like to help, send your donations to the “Build Hangar200 a Bunch of Level-Ds Foundation” :wink:

Redkite takes a look…

Looking at Jabbers video, I can see that center stop adjustment feature annoying me to some extent. I will look at Redkites video this evening.

Can be turned off AFAIK.

Whatever happened to the days of the TM F22 stick? It was plastic but high quality, affordable, durable, and had a ton of functionality.

I’m not spending $500 on sticks let alone double that. I’ve got the Rhino X-56 because it was the only thing in the right price range. :frowning:


Still have mine, with Buzz Hoffmans digital chips…
It was my first Thrustmaster stick.

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Ha! n00B!!! :crazy_face:

I bought my first TM FCS for SWOTL in early 1991. Then I got the FCS Pro with the heavy springs and metal base. Then I got the TM1 racing wheel with the dumbest pedals ever made (they were wheels!!!) and the gold RCS pedals. Never got the WCS throttle, skipped right to the TCS/TQS.

Unfortunately, the last TM product I bought was the Cougar. Over the years I slowly migrated to Logitech as TM abandoned the midrange and either catered to the basics (T1600) or the high-end Warthog only.

You don’t have to deal with this when looking for a car. If you don’t like a Kia and want to spend a bit more, your next stop isn’t a Mercedes or Ferrari. You’re not forced into an either $20k or $80k+ situation. But I guess these companies aren’t smart enough to figure out how to make money in the midrange any more.


Still using my MS Force Feedback 2 stick I bought about 15 years ago. I also still have a couple of the MS FFB 1 versions with the Game port too. Unfortunately I never found a good Game port to USB adapter for them so they sit in the box waiting for a day that will never arrive…

I actually preferred the FFB 1 versions since they have one more button than the FFB 2 sticks.


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I was still on my Amiga500 then… :wink:

VKB had a Gladiatior MkII Pro about like that, it was the same as their Gladiator MkII base but the sticks were interchangeable. Don’t know why it disappeared from their lineup…