Witcher 3 - Any good?

Anyone got any opinions about the latest in this series?

I struggled with the first one, as I didn’t like the combat and the boobs stuff didn’t really sit that well with me (not that there is anything wrong with that etc). Witcher 2 I installed and played through the prologue but then sort of faded out a bit?

Anyone got it and like it?

I like it. It’s a more … adult … game than Skyrim. The environments are astounding and the gameplay is pretty good. The fighting is cool and the story is good too.

I managed to snag my copy as part of a video card update but it would have been a day-1 purchase anyway :slight_smile:

Note: Pretty much a gamepad game. Keyoard and mouse are … messy?

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Cool - thanks. I think I might wait for the first 20% sales cycle, as in pretend I don’t know it’s launched to get a better deal later :smile:

Are the graphics much nicer than v2? I saw some noise that they weren’t as good as expected, but preview videos I’ve watched made it look amazing.

Great game… and I didn’t really care for the first 2, tried them but never finished… this is more of a open world CRPG like Dragon Age Inquisition, a little Far Cry 4, and a little Skyrim.

Having graphic issues, not me…but look wise, but they are addressing it… patch out today to make the graphics smoother and better looking.

I would wait for a sale or at least 3 months or so for them to get the bugs worked out… hell, since it’s SP only, and if your not really into the type of game, I’d wait a year for the… you know it’s coming… GoTY edition. :wink:

and like the forums, much better then the other one. Congrats.


Thanks Magnum50 - great to see you here!

How about a couple of screenies of a 'Magnum Hunting A Mythical Beast mini AAR? :wink:

I had to roll back to earlier Nvidia drivers to stop some crashes but running smooth now.

New add-on released today with a new patch… Just booted up Blood and Wine today, pretty much caught up on the game, including every hidden point or location, every mission etc etc… and now, I’m blown away by this new add-on and the patch, which fixed so much stuff and improved so much… the biggest complaint I had about the game was it’s menu’s and how the content was shown, so hard to follow and understand at times… love the new menus and info, all neatly organized and presented well, wish we had this from the start.

I’m about ready to declare this game my favorite all time… it’s that good.

I want to love this game but I cant get into it. I’ve gotten through to the second area. But I’m stuck in an area with level 15+ enemies. I’m only lvl 5. I need to make my way back up north. Kind of of putting that the enemy levels are so varied. One minute I’m riding along and see a level 3 and the bam a level 20. Oh well I really need to get back into it.

Its very much a story driven game. I had the same experience as you have now. Just follow and enjoy the main story quests ( and some Gwent) and you will find that the game puts you in the right place for your level. Basically once you finish with the Baron quests you will be able to fight most things you find in the wilderness.

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It is spectacular. One of my all time favourites, I’ve played 100 hours and not been bored once. Very good stories, great animation and voice acting. I can take or leave the combat - I played it for the stories. Controls best with a controller.

Just got this game a month ago and amazed by quality and gaming experience. It’s been a long time since a game engulfed me so much…Highly recommended by me :sunny:

I waited for some time to buy Witcher 3 because I heard there were a few bugs. Then I bit the bullet and bought it after the first DLC. Played it for a few then benched it a bit. Finally I decided to play and it quickly became my addiction. The missions are varied and the writing is incredible. The main story arc draws you in and the contracts, treasure hunts and side missions make you come back for more loot. Because it is open world you can encounter enemies higher than your level but running is also an option. I think the balance is done well enough that you really progress without feeling like you are grinding.

I’ve been playing for 100+ hours and am preparing for the final battle. I still have the DLC’s to play after that. I’ve done about every side mission and hunt and based on the map there’s still a lot more exploring to do. The game is not perfect but Geralt is a very likable character. I feel connected to him like I felt connected to Shepard in the Mass Effect series. If you like good story telling, and fantasy adventures then I believe you will like Witcher 3.

Oh, the environments are stunning and each region has its own flavor. Velen is different from Skellige. Gwent is also a really cool card game. I must admit, I fell into the gotta have em all effect of playing Gwent to collect cards from as many opponents as possible. Gwent has simple rules but some strategy is involved.

I set my game up for the story and not so much the combat (I really appreciated the ability to be able to do that). I can easily write a full review but will simply say that the game has become one of my all time favorites. It’s so good, IMHO, I really don’t want the adventure to be over.


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