WMR head tracking drifting - clear environment data

Hey all,

Quite recently, after working flawlessly since the day one, my HP Reverb head tracking started to drift (resulting in broken immersion and frequent centering).

Googling suggested many solutions (with complete reinstall appearing quite often :grin:) but the first one that seemed logical to me actually worked well:

Clear environment data

Et voilà :vr:


Yep, have done this a few times! I recommend doing it any time you use your headset in a new location, or change anything (wall decorations, furniture) in your sim area.

Thank you. Ive had this problem some time now. I will try this.

And it worked like a charm. I got excellent tracking again

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Gonna click that “just because” now :slight_smile:

The warning had me wondering a bit, I read it, “IF YOU CLEAR THIS…[you] MAY (like they don’t know?) DISAPPEAR from your ENVIRONMENT…”