WMR - renderTargetScale no impact on pre-1903?

Hello, I am puzzled…

I entered the VR world on Win 10 1809 and therefore followed the renderTargetScale discussion just out of curiousity. The renderTargetScale was already 2.0 in my default.vrsettings. The VR looked good to me.

One day, I switched to 1903 (I know I should have read forums first!)… but interestingly enough, the visuals did not seem to change. Anyway, just to be on a safe side, I rolled back to 1809 and checked out the things… (now it comes).

I tried out the renderTargetScale set to 1.0 and to 2.0 with Steam SS 100% just to see the difference… and guess what? - no change in visuals. Only the motion reprojection indicator moved depending on the renderTargetScale (more to the center with 1.0 and more to the periphery with 2.0).

How come?

I mean, as I am saying - the visuals look OK to me but the issue is I am not sure whether I am stuck on the ugly visuals or on the good visuals. I know it sounds weird but as I am unable to check the two I can’t say :crazy_face:

Would someone please upload a screen (or perhaps through the lenses?) of, say DCS, BoS/BoM/BoK, P3D or X Plane 11 in one of the default planes with no zoom with:

  • renderTargetScale set to 1.0 and SS 100%, and
  • renderTargetScale set to 2.0 and SS 100%?

I could at least compare that to my situation.
Thanks! Any help appreciated.


SteamVR at 100% is low enough it won’t have any impact, or rather would be hard to see as you’re undersampling what your device could do (which device?).

SteamVR on WMR devices just reports ‘SS 100%’ below what it is capable of to make more games run smoothly. On the default ‘automatic’ mode of SteamVR it will pick an upscale resolution based on your system performance (say, a Nvidia 1080 class card would be 150% SS in SteamVR). When you put a custom resolution at 100% it’s lower than the difference in back-buffer size set by renderTargetScale would use.

For an Odyssey, native panel resolution on SteamVR is about 212%. On a HP Reverb it seems to be about 188% (I don’t have one of those though). If you set values like that and then try to use it on 1903 then you’ll never actually get to panel resolution, because of the bug.

Acknowledgement of the bug and the plan to fix it on 1903 from Microsoft here:

Plus more background info on why SteamVR picks those values and how to calculate the true native panel resolution - VR News: HP Reverb - Second Gen headsets are on the way - #266 by fearlessfrog

Thanks @fearlessfrog for a quick reply. That was indeed the issue. Running the SteamVR SS at 150%, I can see the “fog”.

Interesting to note though, that when I was on Win 10 1903, I failed to spot the difference.