WMR Tray Tweaker

From the developer of the Oculus Tray Tool, comes WMR Tray Tool Tweaker.

Windows Mixed Reality Tray Tweaker is similar to Oculus Tray Tool, but built for WMR headsets. It has options to handle Audio Mirroring on a per-game basis, disable Virtual Monitor Pre-Allocation, disable the Windows buttons on the controllers, handle Power Plans and more!


Does it have a mirror, I want to start recording videos again in dcs but can’t get obs to play

So all of these things are do-able via the WMR for SteamVR menu or via the Windows Mixed Reality app, but it’s nice to have them in one place if people didn’t know about them. The Disable Device shortcut is nice to have as well.


Yes. OTT was also just a shortcut to settings you needed to do registry edits or use undocumented commands to enable.