Work nickname?

As per thread title- how did you eran your nickname at work, if you have one?

Beast (bestia): for my savage, non-politically correct and pretty dark humor jokes. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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At my present workplace I don’t have one.

In earlier times I had two different ones:

  • “Professor” because I am often perceived as a smart-arse
  • During my military service: “ABC”, like in the German term “ABC-Waffe”, which means atomar, biological, or chemical weapon. A gas mask is called “ABC-Schutzmaske” (abc-protection mask) in german, and for some reason I didn’t dislike wearing it as much as others did, so I was declared an “ABC-fetishist”, shortened to “ABC”.

Mine is pretty easy…a chopped up rendition of my last name “Frishmuth”…so I usually get called “Fish”…

Some of our other guys nicknames:

Half Step
Officer Larry
Sweet Pea

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Heheh. I’d love to hear the stories behind thise names… :slight_smile:

Bear - well, he looks like a Bear.
Half Step - He’s from West Virginia
Officer Larry - Former cop. Acts like a cop. LOL…I love him.
MOTO - Master of the Obvious
Grumpy - Affectionately called that because he looks like that grumpy puppet Walter…
Sweet Pea - Well, he needed special handling.
Bone - Just a shortening/hack of his first last name.


That video with Walter was great!


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Ive had several,
Stewie - last name is Stewart
Twilight - My name sorta resembles Kristen Stewarts, and my middle name is Edward.
Eclipse - B-course callsign, they seemed to be following the Twilight theme.
DIBS - Official callsign I just got a couple of weeks ago, buy me a drink and I might tell you what it means :wink:


I always seemed to get the same one, I won’t say what it was other than it’s a type of hole… :poop::ok_hand:

Otherwise the last place I worked it was Mustache, because for some reason the people in a game studio weren’t very creative with nicknames.

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I just noticed I forgot to mention that I was also called “Psycho” by some people for some time.
That was because… I actually forgot why. Had something to do with me saying or doing something crazy I guess. Which kinda sounds like it could fit. :smiley:

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