Just a heads up. Been watching this as it grew, and now its reached a very nice state, with constant updates! $14.99 during the current Steam sale and a treat in VR. Might be worth a look!!


Aliens invade and its up to a multi-national naval task force to fight them off?? Wow! They should make a movie about this!


Extra points if will smith pilots a fighter.


I think Brent Spiner should be cast as a slightly crazy scientist. They could put him at a facility somewhere in the NTTR. :wink:


Actually I was thinking about Battle Ship…but Independence Day also work. :sunglasses:


For the record I think I would be terrible at this but it looks like a crap ton of fun… any other VR pilots interested?


You get a legitimate reason to say the line “Oh no, you did not just shoot that green sh.t at me!” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Guys, this is a woefully underrated comment! :open_mouth:
No, I’m serious!