Worlds At War

Hey, I recognize that cockpit! Looks :fireworks: hollywood :boom: but could be fun?

Haven’t you always wanted to launch an A-10 from a US Carrier and fight aliens while Michael Bay filmed you?

Released today:

Inexpensive. Heads-up: Indie, one-man dev shop, early access. Don’t come crying to me in 7 years when the promised full-body tactile suit feature didn’t actually materialize. :wink:

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I want to see Randy Quaid play it.

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Guy looks at F-15E with CFT and exclaim: “This is a Hornet”

Me: heart-attackDUDE_WHAT

Then the Fire extinguisher handles R and L are swapped…


I admit it looks fun to play!
Just… don’t ever look at the A10 Cockpit…

[Rant] Guys applies no aiming lead. “THE AIMING IS IMPOSSIBLE!”
UI shows he has rockets. “AWW I WISH I HAD ROCKETS!”
Guy insults my Warthog “You can’t turn! Flies in the wrong direction!”

This guys is really bad. At least he’s having fun.


You think that’s bad?

They have AH-64As. AH-64As. Nobody uses those anymore!

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They aren’t kept in reserve in case of alien invasion? :wink:

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He can work the afterburner(!) on an A-10, so he has that going for him - :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if the game is just that one level. It looks pretty in a mindless fun way. If they had mulitplayer for something like the Apache, just so we could do the BF3 pilot/gunner thing then I’d be more up for it.

Yeah, let’s give that to him since he seems having fun with it

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Are those the alien ships from Battle: Los Angeles? I have an inexplicable fondness for that movie.


I did 2 tours with 2/5. “Retreat Hell” was a little over used in that movie…

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