Worst aviation scenes in films

They [Hollywood] can’t help themselves.

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What I don’t get is why they just don’t tell it like it was. Make the movie as close to historic recollections as possible.
Not only do we owe it to those who were there, but the movie would be better because of it.

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Also, IIRC they’ve used a Yak for the wing shots because no one would let them strap a camera to a spitfire :smile:

Edit: yeah, here is the beast

And in the closing shot where he flies above Dunkirk, you can see a few modern buidings too.
I know it’s just a detail but I wonder why they didn’t try to hide them

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I might misremember, but I am pretty sure that in Top Gun there is at least one scene in which Maverick is pulling instead of pushing for power on the throttle.

Also bad:

  • magical cobra maneuvers in WWII movies (I think Red Tails has a very bad one)

  • there is a movie called “Last Descent” (I think. I can check later) which is really bad in basically every single scene. I don’t remember a lot. Except that they aerial refuel a 737 or something. And I think they crashed into a GA aircraft and were stuck with it? It has been a long time since I watched it.
    The only other thing I remember is that it features John de Lancie (Q from Star Trek). It was horrible.


Isn’t that the ‘Hit the brakes he’ll fly right by’ scene?

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Either that one or the one in which he wants to land but then helps Cougar.

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Both scenes, actually. And IIRC one more time during a dogfight scene with maybe either Jester or Viper.

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I nominate the entire Iron Eagle franchise.


The movie Stealth in its entirety, aside from the “liberty in Thailand” sequence that was absolutely essential to the plotline and exploring the complexities of the main characters.


Stealth was so bad Jessica Biel couldn’t even fix it, but I watched the whole movie :slight_smile:


see also: Blade Trinity.

Though I’m starting to figure that’s the dues you have to pay to get the Marvel movie you deserve; Chris Evans was Johnny Storm in the first horrible Fantastic Four movies, Michael B. Jordan played the same role in the horrible remake, Taika Waititi and Ryan Reynolds were both in Green Lantern (and that awful Wolverine movie)…

Blade Trinity…
I must have been drunk or something when watching that movie, because I do remember feeling entertained by it, even though it is objectively pretty bad, and clearly so compared to the other movies.

Uhh… wait. Maybe I mixed it up. Was that the one with the Hellboy dude?

Nah Trinity was the third Blade movie and wasn’t even about Blade. The first 2 were neat an fun action flicks! The third one was… About characters nobody gave a ■■■■ about?

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The third one was basically a bunch of 12 year old boys being locked in a writer’s room with a week’s supply of Code Red Mountain Dew, Funyuns, and a checklist of things Vince McMahon demanded be worked into the movie. -insert long-winded rant about how awful the WWE in general is-

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Aaahh OK I mixed them up. Blade 2 was fine. 3 is a bad joke.

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I justify this by thinking the F14A would compressor stall if you slammed the throttle forward so by opening the brakes and stalling the engine. He couldn’t stop any faster…honest. swear to god.

As for Dunkirk…why has no one mentioned the ever lasting, infinite gliding spitfire. Seriously the glide ratio on that must be fricking magical.

How about in MIDWAY. When the main character flys below the fan tail of the carrier and pops up about 400 knots and lands on a dime? Or when he dives bombs on the Akagi and is low enough when he pulls out to bend his prop on the deck and pull about 64G

I’m not enjoying this thread… I like having my disbelief suspended.


There’s that one in Sher Dil where I just kept rolling my eyes until it hurt

I’ll let you Mirage and JF-17 buffs find out how many things are wrong with that scene.


That was painful to see. Who keeps drop tanks on that long.

Oh my god! This one just about wins the thread :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

Some great replies, I think I’m going to like it here.

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Every aviation scene in a movie is great :grinning:

(or at least that’s what I thought as a kid)

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