Worst aviation scenes in films

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Being new here I thought I’d try to get to know you all by posting a fun question. When watching films or TV shows I’m always getting told off by my missus for pointing out all the annoying issues in flying scenes.

One of the most annoying I can think of is in the initial crash scene in Flight where Denzel asks for full power having previously fired the bottles down both engines :man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

Tell us your worst.



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Over time I’ve come to the conclusion that Hollywood think’s we’re all simpletons.


That scene in the movie about the shot down pilot escaping from yugoslavia (behind enemy lines) where the SAM keeps tailing the F/A-18 through various maneouvres and with an overtake of about 4 knots before blowing it out of the sky. That was pretty dang horrible.

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Well, I am sure many DCS pilots feel like this is what happens to them all the time! It’s emotional realism! :grinning:


Indeed it was.
But that movie also got one of the better aviation scenes.

But, wasn’t this thread about the worst aviation scenes…?
Hm? I guess I’m off topic…

This…is…MUDSPIKE! :mudspike:

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That is a good scene and a great soundtrack.


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There’s a sneaky Tomcat shot in that vid :stuck_out_tongue:


Why did no one tell Doug to raise his bloody flaps if he wants to win a race :speak_no_evil:. A Cessna 150 aerobat needs all the help it can get.


ahah I was about to post that one but after rewatching it I think it’s actually not that bad.
No CGI, all practical effect.
Now, the rest of the movie is another story :smile:


I admit I thought ol’ @eightball had started smoking his socks there for a moment. :smile:

But you are absolutely correct!

Is that in the movie, or did someone edit it in the youtube vid?

Maybe ths is a horrible aviation scene, after all…! :astonished:


On the WH you can throw it forward, not much trouble. I’ve even done a full burner to idle, speedbrake, full aft stick maneuver to throw off a hungry F-15C - in one of our fly-ins!


Okay it is the entire film not just a scene - but feel free to watch it again.



I mean, I’ll watch it, but I’ll be slightly angry while I’m doing it.

So much talent and potential. So terribly wasted.


Great movie, week air combat scenes. Here we have the welded overlapping wing Spitfire Vic demonstration team :grin: getting bounced by free wheeling sinister 109s appearing out of nowhere like demons. Sorry to sound like a broken record. I just think that it was an opportunity lost.



@EightBall & @Troll - thanks guys, I now had to nit pick and totally throw the rest of those scenes under the bus. So here we go.

First of all - they are carrying inert AIM-9 sidewinder missiles into an active AO, hence the blue bodies.

As we get to the Cat we can see we have no centerline drop tank and our jet is #106.

A moment later we can see that there is nothing on the other cheek station - we have no targeting pod. So what are we using for this photo recon exactly? The nose mounted cameras leave a bulge on the underside that is also absent.

As we launch, we spontaneously acquire a centerline drop tank.

And as we leave the deck we appear to have a cheek mounted pod, perhaps? Our jet is magically number 201 now.

In the SAM chase we are down to two tanks and clean with our dummy missiles again.

Then when we drop the tanks, one impacts the snow while we are shown the other hits the road with a small bounce and otherwise slides along…next shot there is perhaps our magical third drop tank re-appearing soaring through the air and exploding into a fireball.


Grrrrr I nearly had you

**Throttle Slide** :sunglasses:


They [Hollywood] can’t help themselves.

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What I don’t get is why they just don’t tell it like it was. Make the movie as close to historic recollections as possible.
Not only do we owe it to those who were there, but the movie would be better because of it.

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Also, IIRC they’ve used a Yak for the wing shots because no one would let them strap a camera to a spitfire :smile:

Edit: yeah, here is the beast

And in the closing shot where he flies above Dunkirk, you can see a few modern buidings too.
I know it’s just a detail but I wonder why they didn’t try to hide them

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