Worst Case scenario!

I don’t even… how do you manage to bend that many?

A bit of thermal paste and we’re good to go!

Insulation! When you absolutely, definitively need to keep the heat in

This is just sad

How not to do watercooling

Someone set up us the bomb

Look! A console peasant is trying to migrate to the upper class! How cute, how fail!


What the???

Oh god :fearful:

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IT version of the rotten website.
Darn I hate these things…

That third one…

Try keeping a computer running in the room of a chain smoker.

So many bad memories…

First one looks like somebody used it to brush his pet.

I’m in laughing tears.


On the plus side those pins are going to remain really well cooled

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Most likely because there won’t be any current through them :joy: