Would you pay for...?

I had the opportunity to try out a 6 axis simulator this morning, from a company that makes them professionally for the racing market (real racing, sim racing is a side line for them). The one I tried out is used by real world teams for driver training, and was very impressive. As a racing sim it wasn’t quite a true “full motion” rig like you’d need for flight simming (you still wanted to be belted in for when you hit the brakes though). The company does build flight sim rigs that are full motion in pitch, roll, yaw, and have limited “surge” and “heave” (fore and aft, and up and down). The surge and heave on the driving sim was plenty, and made me glad I was belted in.

For visuals the rig had 3 49" 4K displays, but VR is supported as well. The driving hardware was all bespoke custom gear, that were actual car parts that were adapted to the simulator. FFB on the wheel was direct drive, and everything is built with industrial components. With the FFB turned up the wheel can literally snap your wrist or thumb, and the motion could (and did) leave bruises from the harness.

Would you pay for time in one of these if commercially available for flying and or racing? Assume the simulator is fully tricked with a top peripherals (probably bespoke, I mean who wants to fly an F-16 with a split throttle). I haven’t a clue how pricing would work, I’m just curious if there would be any interest. My initial thought would be time based rental, with memberships available. For racing it would be similar, but also have a “per race” price for events.

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There are companies that have a similar concept, though I’d say most I’ve seen aren’t motion.

I tried out a racing one back in probably 2007-2008 near Dallas, they built simulators for teams but also let you come in and drive on the side. Last I checked they were either out of business or were just sticking to the building side of the business. I don’t know that the demand is really there to justify the cost for a rental setup.

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I paid to play in a battletech/mechwarrior version of this. It was a pod you strapped into and went to battle with 8 other people. I think it was at dave and busters or a place like that.

It would be cool for an office party or something. Maybe a trailer you could drive to air shows/events/races/ etc…

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There’s a place in I think florida, that runs a bunch of high end consumer sim racing setups for sim racing and real world racing coaching. Yeah I haven’t a clue on what the demand is. I figured MS was a pretty good sample of “flight sim enthusiasts with plenty of disposable income” to poll, lol.

Oh man, Battletech Centers! I always wanted to do that, never got the chance.

The event circuit seems to already have a bunch of these type of promo’s already, I’ve never seen one run for pay at an event. Something to ponder I suppose.

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