Wow: 360 degree view from a P-51 w/ F-22 in formation


Apparently you need to view this in a Google Chrome browser and buttons will appear in the top left to allow you to pan around.


Yup, pretty cool, and if you look close you can see me on the ground :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice! Abbotsford looking good. Did you have a good time @SiThSpAwN and where is our trip report and AAR eh? :slight_smile:

A 4K 360° Youtube video as well, nice to see. If you view on a phone then you can look around holding the device, plus the 3D ‘Google Cardboard - VR for Hobos’ mode is available too.

Good point as I took over 300 pictures I guess the least I can do is a AAR :smile:

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Cool. I put a fan blowing on my face, smeared some 100LL under my nose and pretended I was there!