WOW, 800+ views on my Tank Crew 1st look video

Ya, I’m kinda proud, I never get into the 3 digit views on my You Tube channel, and I’m OK with that… I suck at broadcasting, I suck at making videos, hell I suck at gaming. :wink:

But still, kinda excited to hit 800 views, hope for 1k, the only other video to get thousands of views is me almost dying on a scuba dive. lol

Sd.Kfz.10\5 AA Gun 1st Look - YouTube


You were likely lucky enough that there weren’t too many other videos out there, so people searching for Tank Crew stuff weren’t inundated with tons of videos leaving yours lost in the clutter.

It’s always good to do something everyone else isn’t already doing, helps you stand out!


Nice one I will watch it on the big screen :ok_hand:

You’re an influencer now. Start doing PIP versions with your handsome mug sporting your latest new favorite lipstick color and you’ll be making millions before you know it!


I use to use a camera with my guns in the background, but we ended up talking about my guns then the game… now days you need big OO to get viewers on Twitch, and lick microphones, that’s the new thing. lol

Don’t need to watch video, it sucks, and mainly for the brand new person to Tank Crew and the AAA vehicles. :wink:

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