Wow..ARMA 3 - Tanoa

From a flight sim perspective - this terrain looks awesome! I can really see some great helicopter and bush flying scenarios in this:



That does look nice. I guess it’s a tropical island? I spotted some mangroves etc.

Yeah…that part where they show the deep jungle…all I could think of was long line insertions and extractions with a helicopter… Woot!

“First half of 2016” Ah, I want my toys now!! :smile:

Are they still going with fake future weapons and stuff?

Perfect for Vietnam scenarios :smile:

@anon51893362 I’m wondering the same thing:

"Besides the new Tanoa terrain, the Arma 3 expansion will include new
vehicles, weapons, attachments and gear, characters, playable content,
and more."

During all the years, they have been many attempt to bring forest and jungle warfare to ArmA series. They all failed miserably due to limited 3d engine and absolutely incompatible AI.

I really hope they have though seriously about this. Because i really don’t forecast anything good. Beautiful, but not good.