Wow..what a big..missile you have

Man, I’d love for DCS to add this one (both the navalized Ka-50 and the missile!)


So where are they going to put that?

That was my thought - where in heck to you mount that thing? And can you carry two of them?

So…the Ka-50 external fuel tank is 500 liters (I think) = 884 lbs. but this missiles weighs (reportedly) 1400 lbs. - so maybe they can beef up those wing pylons and hang it out there??

@EinsteinEP is the engineer…he can tell us if it is possible!


If you put two and fire one how does one trim that?

With enough welds and offloaded fuel, (almost) anything is possible!

“We’re going to need a bigger rudder.”

1,400 pounds is quite a bit of load asymmetry for the Ka-50, even on the inboard pylon. I’d have to look at the weights of other payloads to see how this missile compares, but my first guess is “yes, it’ll work”.

It probably destroys stability margins, so the pilot will likely have some severe flight restrictions when flying asymmetrically (speed, g’s, crosswind, turbulence, gusts, etc.), or even be required to jettison a lone weapon in an adverse flight condition, but the optimist in me thinks that they would have considered all that before giving a green light to that missile’s development/upgrade.
Even when flying with a symmetric load, that extra weight on the pylon will probably introduce a max maneuvering limit, as well. Without the details on the pylon structure and material, I could only guess what that would look like.