WP-3D flight #NOAA49 into Hurricane Irma


The third video down is just crazy…

What is the briefing like for a mission like that?


“Just, you know, hold on.”


Good grief, yes.

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Oh wow, just imagine the stress that the turbines, the blades, the compressors all have to suffer through. I’d love to look at this aircraft when its back in the hangar. That’s gotta be a maintenance gig that is fascinating given that these aircraft have to go through this time and time again!

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Delta Airlines managed to just get down in Puerto Rico

But a KLM flight is heading that way now too. Clench your buttox :slight_smile:

Where is the KLM flight going then?

The Dutch Islands in the Carribean have been hit and the first naval ships are heading in to asses damage and assist to start up the first aid operations.

Looks like the airport of St Martin suffered quite a bit of damage as well.

EDIT: It’s a 747 heading towards Willemstad, Curacao

Updated the forum settings to embed Twitter tweets a bit nicer, in that it’ll pull in images if found. I don’t think it works for videos, but it’s a bit better now anyway.

Test follows. The cake is a lie.


KLM765 is not making much progress, I think its going backwards :slight_smile:

Well that’s a different flight, the 747 of earlier today has landed at Curacao!

Still a lot of traffic near the edge of the storm. I also see a lonely B200 crossing south, I wonder if it’s fleeing the storm?

Miami crane spinning due to high winds. It hasn’t even arrived yet…


Windy in St Martin then

Plus it’s a storm with lighting as well (I think this is Irma? EDIT: Actually, in Canada, although I was looking for a ‘Damn, eh!’ at the end there)

(these posts sort of an excuse to test out the new video embed as well :mudspike:)

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What the hell was the camera attached to? That thing was rock solid…

I think the lightening strike was Canada, not the Caribbean so no hurricane but great video :smiley:

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Delta 302 uses Irma’s outer band to get out of dodge, um, San Juan. Nice.

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Have half my shutters up already. Will do the rest over the course of the next couple of days. Don’t want to make the house too dark too soon, we have till Saturday night to finish.

Stay safe Jedi!

And helped knock 31 minutes off the flight time :rocket:

Man those two in a row are pretty tough.
Stay safe over there!

Btw just out of curiosity: do bases like NAS Pensacola fly their planes out of there or are those buildings reasonably safe from flooding and/or buildings getting damaged?

I believe all bases in the storm’s path are typically evacuated of all flyable birds. Inevitably there are always one or two down that can’t fly out that get hangered and/or tied down.

I remember Andrew smashed an F-16 at Homestead that couldn’t leave. I’m sure if there are HAS on the base they are usually safe from all but flooding. Unless a tornado hits, then all bets are off.

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Ouch :frowning: