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It may be signed off by EA, but I have faith Codemasters will do it justice as they did with Dirt Rally 2.0. The Unreal Engine is looking great. The seasonal changes throughout the year and by location will be some serious eye candy. Really excited for this release. Overall, it looks to be a very ambitious project.

VR support is scheduled for post launch. No exact date though.


More WRC details :thinking: career mode looking :ok_hand:. I like the option to start at the lower levels and work your way up.


It was nice seeing more of the stages. It’s quite fascinating to get all the rallies, or at least most of them.

In Dirt Rally series you never got all the rallies in the championship. Granted, they offered World Rallycross on some tracks.

I’m exciting to see what other pre-release videos they release. Hopefully the review embargo lifts before the early release date for pre-ordering. I would at least time to see a decent amount of gameplay before purchasing.

Although, I think I have money burning a hole in my wallet to get the preview.

I literally have no time to play more games, but I’ll likely get it. And I’ll also likely pre-order it, even though EA (BF) has sucked me in before and let me down.


I loved Dirt Rally in the PSVR using a Logitech G29 a few years back. It was also great fun on a large TV screen. I’m keen to try it on my PC with my Fanatec kit. VR coming which is good but I enjoy racing games on a monitor as well. It will be interesting to see how it performs being written in Unreal Engine.

I am also tempted to preorder, against my better judgement, but the extras might be worth it as I suspect this will be a popular title. There are relatively few rally sims compared to circuit types.

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WRC Gameplay first look. Different rally locations under a variety of weather and lighting conditions.

They lied about triple monitor support so I’ve cancelled my pre-order. I don’t use triples, just want to send a message, however much it is ignored. I’ll now wait until VR is actually supported and reviewed before placing an order. In the meantime I have Dirt Rally 1 and 2.


Embargo on youtubers/influencers showing the preview videos.

Holy smokes.


I’ve been watching a few videos on this.

So far I like what I see.


Ya, I’m hearing a lot of great things about this one… can’t wait I loved Dirt Rally 1 and 2…

EA Sports WRC - Our First OFFICIAL Gameplay Impressions! - YouTube

We Tried the Car Builder and Career Mode on EA Sports WRC! - YouTube


I’m tempted, but no VR (yet) is a deal breaker.

But even then it will be hard to replace Dirt Rally 1 & 2 for me… Not just WRC, but Pikes Peak, Rallycross and the Monaro region especially (it is where I live and they absolutely nailed it. I drive roads like that at least once a week IRL).


My son has very kindly purchased it for me so I’ll use it flat screen until VR support arrives. Fingers crossed for that. It does look promising.

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Agreed… I keep both installed more for the Pikes Peak on 1 and the Rally Cross on 2… I didn’t know crap about Rally Cross till I played it on Dirt Rally 2 and loved it so much I started following and now watching the real events… I always wished they make a stand alone Rally Cross game with a track editor so we could make our owns.

Even watch that Nitro Rally Cross now which is pretty awesome, drone footage is insane.


Jimmy just streamed for 2 hours. Went through quite a few events so we can see what they look like.
If you go to the end, he did the complete Mexico stage. Took him 25 minutes.


When we setup a Mudspike WRC Club, you will be easily lured over. :grinning::checkered_flag:


@adlabs6 is resisting getting WRC by EA. He’s stuck with Generations. boo


How does Rally Pass work?


  • There are no exclusive cars or locations contained within the Rally Pass.

  • The game’s 78 cars and over 200 rally stages are available to everyone from launch with no additional purchase required.

  • Additionally, there is no paid in-game currency or boosters in EA SPORTS WRC

(Shots fired at recent racing game? :grimacing: )

Other Post-Launch Updates

In addition to the five Rally Pass Seasons for EA SPORTS WRC, players can also look forward to additional updates and new features:

New challenges will be added to our Moments mode on a frequent basis, initially daily. For Season 1, there will be more than 50 Moments for all players to enjoy, with EA Play subscribers getting access to a further seven. Plus, as Moments don’t expire, players can sign up to EA Play at a later date if they wish to check out any of those extra Moments they might have missed.

Central European Rally is a new location that is holding its real-world WRC debut in late October. The team is hard at work on building stages for EA SPORTS WRC and they will be released in a free update to all players.

PC players can also look forward to playing in Virtual Reality to truly feel what it’s like to sit in the driver’s seat.


The VIP passes are basically free if we pre-order. Plus, there’s a loyalty discount for previous owners of the DIRT Rally series. They’re making it hard not to pre-order. :slight_smile:


Is that the £4 I got off on Steam I wonder? I have both Dirt 1 and 2. Their blurb is not that clear to me.

As a side note, they have clarified their false claim about triple monitor support. I think this flows from Karl Gosling’s YouTube video on the issue. Reference for those interested: https://youtu.be/kCrrbmNfKjw?si=AWb_T840uTenJFsB

Karl is a good Youtube reviewer in my opinion. Says it like it is and isn’t your typical YT reviewer who never highlights the negative aspects of products.

Yep. Here in Germany the price is around 50€ and I get 5€ off because I own DR 1+2
That means 10% off as in their statement, seems to fit.

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November 3, the worldwide launch of EA SPORTS™ WRC at 04:00am UTC across all platforms. Get into the game earlier by, pre-ordering the digital version for up to 3 days early access† starting on October 31 at 04:00 UTC across all platforms and EA Play.

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