WW2 Channel Sandbox v2.0 Release

Sandbox Afternoon.miz (239.8 KB)

Requirements: Channel map, WW2 Assets pack
Enhancements: Reflected’s livery packs and Mossie Coastal Command


This is for low-intensity PvE practice or fun-flying, maybe even some light PvP. AI have been nerfed so they won’t beat the snot out of you unless you let them: only one ship out of each group will open fire, flak will not engage below 5,000ft AGL and AAA will not engage below 200ft AGL.

Features Overview

I completely re-tuned my old Channel Sandbox mission that I posted back in 2021, eliminating timed triggers in favor of on-demand tasking via F10 menu options, and adding a bunch more stuff.

  • Client slots for Mosquitos, Spitfires, P-51D-25, P-47 (all variants), Fw190 A-8, D-9, Bf109 K-4
  • Allied and Axis flak batteries and AAA emplacements
  • Points of interest for ground attack: rail yards, V-1 sites, Chain Home sites, Wurzburg sites, ships, trains, vehicles, parked aircraft
  • On-demand tasking with AI assets for Allied and Axis factions via F10 menu
  • Solo tasking not listed in the F10 menu

When a task is started via the F10 menu, a message will appear with some more details, i.e. “Follow FF-Y” or “OCA St. Omer, Mossies from Manston and Jugs from High Halden.” From there follow the AI, which will have a short holding pattern somewhere near their home base for you to catch up. Their engines warm up instantly, so I recommend being warmed and ready–or even airborne above the field–when you trigger the task. Some tasks have air-spawn AI, in which case the message will tell you to fly to an RV point (also marked on the map) where the AI assets will then spawn. The tasks are tailored to specific modules, but most are possible in any module. Tasking availability is in the briefing page.

Allied tasking (left) and Axis tasking (right).

Known Issues

  • I haven’t fully play-tested it, particularly the Axis side, so let me know if something’s whack.
  • AI is generally good at A2G but sometimes weird with A2A.
  • Trains have visual issues in MT online (no steam, stop-motion movement, no fire/smoke when hit).
  • Civilian traffic may interfere with trains, so I recommend turning that off.
  • Messages after a task is triggered might be too vague. Let me know if they need to be more detailed.

Video Fly-alongs


edit: actually it looks like a lot of work, so though I don’t have Channel map and would like something like this for Normandy 2, I won’t ask! :slight_smile:

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I’m considering something for Normandy 2 but that’s a future project. I’ve got a sandbox for Syria that’s mostly up but not as interactive, and I’m working on a similar setup for PG. Making the WW2 stuff interactive is pretty easy due to limited combat roles and modules, but I haven’t figured out how to do that with the modern jets–particularly when it comes to not overloading the carrier spawns :joy:


Thanks for all that hard work, @Clutch!
I’m sure I will enjoy this!

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Hey, that’s fine by my - and I would like to do more with the Spitfire & Mustangs that I have. There’s plenty of stuff for the more modern aircraft already :slight_smile:

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Great news. I enjoyed the first one, so very much looking forward to V2.

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How cool, thanks so much for creating something like this!

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Thanks heaps for sharing this… I now have a reason for buying the Channel map, and so much easier than having to learn to do it myself :wink:

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Bug fixes, I seem to be unable to edit original post for updated .miz file.

Sandbox Afternoon.miz (240.4 KB)


  • B-17s being randomly spawned without task activated


  • U-boats in Calais (Blue “U-boat Pen strike” and Red “HAVCAP” tasks) floating up to 5,000ft and falling back down below terrain; tested in SP but not MP

Updated WIP version with a simple random-spawn killbox around the Poperinge area. The area is roughly marked with four points of fire/smoke, and will spawn red convoys or some blue units engaging red units (so check tracer colors before dropping your bombs).

Note: on the current 2.9 version there’s a bug causing units to spawn regardless of you being in the proper zone to trigger them. Gotta wait for the next patch to fix it.
A-Channel-Sandbox.miz (360.2 KB)