WW2 Narvik, Norway 1940 - Many Firsts & a Pyrrhic Victory

Come join me in the recently updated Spitfire to Narvik in remote North Norway and see how the Allies beat Germany, for the fist time, in 1940, albeit only for a short time. Learn how the Battle of Norway/Narvik led to so many other military firsts. Hope you enjoy. Cheers.


Cool… and just FYI there’s a recently released movie on Netflix about this battle/fight, and pretty good. :wink:

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Yes, thanks, saw it a few days ago. Quite enjoyed it. Based on a true story I think. Cheers.

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We had Narvik as a regular route, before it was closed. We fly regularly to Evenes and I attended flightschool at Bardufoss.
And, as a sidenote, the one Ju-52 that was able to take off from Lake Hartvig got lost and ended up in Sweden. My dad was 15 years old at the time and rode his bike to see it, where it had landed in a field, not far from his home.


Thanks. How great you remember about your dad’s experience! Cheers.

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