WWIIOL: Battleground Europe

I am currious what others think of WW2 Online. Its been around for many years and seems to enjoy a loyal following. My guess as to why it rarely rates a mention here or at other sim oriented forums is that it isn’t a sim. But then neither is ARMA or War Thunder or Elite Dangerous. I tried it a few years ago and couldn’t really get into it. So I am very much a part of the silence that I am questioning with this thread. The reason I mention it now is that it is about to move to Steam.

I really like the idea of a persistant battlefield for the same reasons that I like truly dynamic campaigns. I like to feel part of something bigger. Does that mean I will give it another go? Meh, probably not.

Never heard of it

I can post something later but I played WWIIOnline from it’s birth for a long time.

the TLDR: Change is slow. Very slow. The air component is an add-on that gets zero love from the developers and I’m a virtual pilot :slight_smile:

I tried it. I really didn’t like the subscription thing.
I can get over the suboptimal graphics, because I played it with my two brothers and it was beyond engaging.

Now though? Nope.
I have a lot of massive* online games that I pick up now and then for a quick spin. Nominally War Thunder, Mechwarrior Online etc.

I simply can’t find enough interest to occupy some of my HD with it.

*not massively online… simply really really big in terms of gameplay.

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Ya looked at website and not interested in the subscription thing.

I have a little time in WW2OL, but it was a long long time ago…

Joined the RAF as a nuget and worked my way up to flight lead, then 133 Squadron CO, then Eagle Squadrons Group CO, then 60th Wing Co, and finally Air Vice Marshall BEF. That was from launch to about 4 or 5 years into the franchise. Had some really great times and some not so great. Loved the guys that I virtually flew and fought with. Would tell more, but would probably bore most of you. At its zenith, WW2OL was an amazing technological accomplishment, IMO, at a time when people still connected with modems. Check that. Our whole bldg was on a single T1. I don’t think that there has been a game experience since as compelling, although I can imagine if ARMA would have a WW2 version, that it might come close. But then the WW2OL map was far larger though. Basically from east England to Trier in half scale.

Fond memories that would take some time to recounter.

PS: The subscription thing was easy to digest when you think of what the developers were trying to accomplish. During some ops we had 4 to 5 thousand players scheduled for missions or sorties with sometimes well over a thousand online at one point. Think Battle of Britain or similar scenarios with RL numbers of air forces, groups, squadrons involved.

No idea of its current state.

Holy hell, this is still kickin’?

I might have to try it again.

Hey @chipwich … I thought I recognized your name from somewhere :-). I was with JG-2 and JG-52 on the German side for many years.

WWII Online was great for many years but as time went on the subscriptions proved not enough to realize the vision that they had. The developers had to start cutting and the flight sim side was left stagnant. After a while they started to add features (aka ‘radar’) to make it easier for new players to take to the skies and focus on extending the ground game - granted that was where the majority of their subscription dollars came from.

Good times @Fridge. JG52 definitely rings a bell. Some good pilots over there.

I was thinking that the size of the map might have been a turn off to the ground pounders, especially the instant gratification needy. I mean you have to be a hard core WW2 fan to ride in the back of a Bedford for an hour only to get strafed and bombed or taken out by a Panzer as you neared your jump off point :slight_smile: It was not so bad to sortie from Ramsgate in a Spitfire. Some of the ground troops had it “hard” though.

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I played it for a few years, as part of an ANZAC group. it’s not much chop as a solo player, but in a squad it can be a great experience. The graphics ain’t much to look at, but the gameplay can be absorbing.

That’s where it matters. Gameplay will always trump graphics and there’s charm to be found in low quality visuals.

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man… im a long time lurker here but this post brought me back. I played WWIIOL for about 12 years before throwing in the towel. It really is no longer the game it used to be. Back when i played, there was a strategic air war element that had many of us hooked but things took a turn over the years with slow and deliberate additions of new elements to concentrate gameplay and make the “hunt” less appealing. I also flew with JG 52/JG53 and JG26 for quite a few years… Fabio, Hahn, Basset, Javelin, Gutted, Zacast, Rebel347, Whoofe… all fellas I flew with.

It really was an amazing game that hooked me into flight sims and teamwork… I miss those days for sure.


Regarding @chipwich 's comments. I still remember spawning as a FLAK 37 gun or something and traveling along a river, trying to get into position. After about half an hour, a bomber comes by and blows me up. That was incredibly demoralizing. Ain’t nobody got time for that. This was around 15 years ago and I still remember it. lol

Spend a bit of time in it about 10+ years ago. I think I managed to get into an old timer squad that played for fun. Just playing as ATG, FLAK or a tank driver was fun with team speak to chat away. I even managed to join forums meeting to a paintball match and meet some players IRL. Just like Aces High, WW2OL took too many wrong turns during development and I never returned. Still getting spam messages to return to them.

LOL I hate those return messages.


Oh, Edith… Edith hold me, it’s not so cold anymore. I can see… the darkness leaving… someone is joining. Oh, heaven’s be praised!

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LAWL! Hehheheh giggled hard at that one…

3 years later…
Funny enough they just send a free weekend email. Curiosity took over and I looked up youtube video of their current gameplay. And it seems not much changed in 10 years.
I don’t understand their business model at all… are they being used for a massive tax write-off. I don’t see how they can sustain themselves with gameplay and graphics from 2000’s.

example in air


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I think it has a fan base that likes the game engine so much that the lack of visual sophistication isn’t a deal-breaker. They might counter that it’s no different than how fans like me remain faithful to BMS. I did try WW2OL years ago and could see the charm–for about 5 minutes.

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probably selling contact info/emails for marketing. There is a reason so many companies ask for you to create an account or download their app. Ever got the “Save 10% right now if you download our app” at the register? Or do you have an XYZ card with us? Businesses can make a ton of money off that stuff.

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