X-Aviation Black Friday Sale

Is now on!

My personal favorite in the sale is the Pocket Rocket for $24.95. Unfortunately the TBM900 isn’t being sold at a discount though.



The MU-2 for $20 is looking mighty tempting.

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How often do they update their modules? Or, i guess the basic question is how old are their modules? :slight_smile:

Reason being: I keep looking at the Saab 340A … but it was created for X-Plane 10 … and I am a little concerned that it is somewhat old and forgotten about.

They keep promising they’re working on an XP11 version - I’ve been watching that one for a while as well,- and it’s looking like it’ll be new payware. I’d wait on it, as my understanding is there are issues with the old model in the newer version.

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