X-Aviation HotStart TBM 900

Saw a big push on reddit today for the X-Aviation Take Command!: HotStart TBM 900. The big selling point seems to be the depth of the persistence maintenance stuff and the systems modelling down to the component level? Not sure…


Anyone checked it out as yet? I don’t know the type.

At $65 I’d be expecting a tubeliner details, but the idea of a more persistent aircraft does look interesting.

PS Yes, I didn’t use the X-Plane Releases topic, that puppy is too big now. :slight_smile:


Huh, must have been out of it for a while. Didn’t know they made a 900, I only remember the 850.

I like the synthetic vision! Kind of ironic though if you think about it. A synthetic vision display of an already synthetic world.

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I’m buying it for sure when I come back from the UK in about 2 weeks. I’ll keep you posted.


This aircraft probably deserves its own thread given the depth and hype.

I’m waiting for a few reviews and will check the reddit threads. Love the aircraft, but not a fan of X-Aviation’s paranoidal DRM method, which seems to ask me to authenticate annoyingly often.

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Indeed. I’ve been following the hype on it as well, and it does seem justified. Persistent wear and things like that. Two of our pilots fly a TBM 850 on the side and they love the airplane.

I’ve warmed to X-Aviation the past couple years now that they have gone to the unlimited downloads option. I really hated that 3 download limit and caught myself on the wrong side of that a few times. They seem to have been trying to reach out to customers a bit more in the last couple years and have softened their sometimes adversarial tone.

I’m keeping an eye on this one, but am not quite ready to jump on it. With perhaps the Citation II coming to X-Plane soon, I might consider that one first.

Until @PaulRix makes me buy it or something. :wink:

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Very thorough trip review. Ready to buy after watching this.


I’m not watching that.



Don’t watch this one either. You will feel compelled to write another article.


@fearlessfrog we are gonna need a downvote button… At this point @chipwich is just harassing a demonstrably weaker member of the community…


At ~ 1 hour into a 5 hour stream, I’m concluding that this aircraft is the one that all will be compared to for some time. Unimaginable systems depth design and careful thought went into its development. It’s hard to tell without owning it how well the creative side completed their part of the build, but I imagine that it’s right up there with the best.

Along with the Aerobask DA62, it’s going to make accepting of less quality difficult.