X-Plane 10/11 compatibility

Just to clarify my comment in the X-Plane 11 screens thread that I have successfully imported X-plane 10 aircraft and airports, there are clearly a few issues evident in that process. Namely, aircraft reflections work better on some XP10 designs than others. YMMV is very much in play. And as pointed out somewhere else on MUDSPIKE, reflections were a mixed bag before XP11 anyway.

It also appears that the more complex scenery might have some issues. Some of the parking garage ramps at Hartsfield look more appropriate for X-Games than X-Plane for instance, but not enough to dissuade me from using the add-on scenery, which is superior to the stock XP11 offering.

For sure, my tendancy is to look at the big picture, and not get caught up in the tiny details. Still, my approach to importing XP10 add-ons will be somewhat cautious in that I’m probably going to stick to those importable with JSGME. Fortunately, Carenado and Alabeo aircraft fit that category, and do a pretty good with reflections. Likewise most of the free add-on airports are the same. If I am not happy with the results, removal is but a few clicks away.

So far, I’ve successfully imported the Carenado/Alabeo Caravan, PC-12, C404, C207, and Aztec. In the screens thread you might notice that the reflections on the Aztec are pretty good regardless. Maybe they are not perfect, but dragging them into XP11 didn’t cost a penny, and to this point they seem to function as they do in XP10. It should be noted that that’s a very big so far.

Edit: In Carenado/Alabeo aircraft when you Pause the sim, their engine noise continues.

What’s your experience?

Isn’t that the truth and beauty of X-Plane. If you something doesn’t work, just remove it from the directory and you are (usually) back in business. I can’t tell you how many times I porked a FSX installation and couldn’t undo what I did. X-Plane is great for tinkerers…


You know…until you mentioned that, I forgot that the Carenado PC-12 was the one aircraft on my wish list that I still haven’t purchased. I have the Shade Tree Micro Aviation one…which I like…but I do think the Carenado version is probably a lot prettier on the inside. I’m gonna have to hope for a Carenado sale in the coming months. That and the Kodiak…might be my Christmas present to myself…