X-Plane 10.40 Released

Some good stuff. My highlight was the ATC closest airport feature.

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Wow, nice that they include the user submissions for the airports/scenery. I didn’t know X-Plane did that, it’s a nice idea to fill out the planet…

My highlighted items:

  • Winds aloft from net

  • New checkbox in the Settings menu/Operations and Warnings window,
    that will allow you to disable X-Plane’s flag to reset to default
    rendering options after a crash. So, if you crash, you do not need
    X-Plane offering to go back to previous options.

  • The PT-6 Beta model is now correct! We pull the throttle back to idle,
    then pull back further back into beta (prop pitch decreasing, engine
    still at idle) then pull back even FURTHER to get into REVERSE (prop
    pitch decreasing more, engine power increasing). This applies to any
    prop plane with beta and/or reverse.

  • New “regenerate weather now” command is assignable to a keyboard key or joystick button.

All the other stuff is great too…but I really like those four…