X-Plane 11.50 issues

There is an “x-plane 11 installer.exe” in your x-plane directory. Run that, then check the box that says “check for beta updates” (er, something like that).
Also, if you have the room, Laminar allows you to have two separate installations, so you could have the beta AND the released version installed.

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The inability to do anything without a flight plan is aggravating.

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Will, I hereby clear you to taxi, takeoff and land at your discretion. We are officially ATC Zero ;). Not such an unbelievable scenario right now actually.


That is actually an interesting point.

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LOL. The funny thing is that since I only live 2 miles from Langley AFB, I haven’t noticed much change. The Raptors are flying as much as they always have. The “Sound of Freedom” continues unabated! :grin: …except today because it’s the weekend.


RAF Brize Norton is the same here, carrying on as normal :+1:

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I just give myself vectors to approaches or fly the full approaches. Otherwise, I’m always flying bush planes anyway…and they have a one page FAR rulebook right? :wink:

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The one page that states “Intentionally Left Blank” ? :laughing:


Oh I know there are work arounds. And I know I sound like a broken record. (For the youngsters in the crowd a record is something we used for playing music and…oh never mind…you’d never believe me)

I just have a hard time…a very hard time…getting behind Laminar Research and all their new developments that quite frankly do not mean a thing to me. The insey-teensy bit of thrust added by a turboprop’s jet engine? Really? Seriously? Am I ever going to be in a sim cockpit, flying the default Kingair and say, “Wow! Did you just feel that minute bit of thrust? … No wait, that was just the cat jumping on the keyboard.”

I call these “Micro-Improvements”. I will admit from the posts that I have read, the addition of Vulkan is a bigger development. But so what? Like I said above, if you started with 4-color VGA, you have seen literally all the graphics improvements come around. They are all good and the must-have improvement, until the next one comes around.

For @BeachAV8R and @PaulRix, I appreciate that ATC is not a deal breaker for you. You spend most of your work days talking to RL ATC, so why have it “invade” your hobby? I wouldn’t either. I believe they call it a “Busman’s Holiday”. You guys are two of my heros! (Just after the Green Hornet but before Aquaman) :slightly_smiling_face:

However, I’m not a real pilot, I just want to play one on the computer…and part of that is some semblance of ATC.

To that end, I have Pilot2ATC and I will work more with that. It’s got a bit of a steep learning curve and leaves me frustrated some times…but I’ll get there. :grin:

Wow…that rant felt great … maybe I’ll jump over to the DCS Super Carrier track and complain that the flight deck jerseys are too clean! :crazy_face:


I am going to do something very impolite–promoting one sim while participating in a thread discussing another. I feel ok doing so because X-Plane my only indispensable sim. In another discussion, I and others shared some love for the recent improvements made with Falcon BMS. Among those, the ATC system is the best I have played in any sim. A few days ago I spent a whole morning just flying ILS approaches in the Viper. Something about that plane makes it a really good instrument trainer if you avoid using the HUD. Plus, and importantly, there is plenty of other traffic assuming you do this from within a campaign. The ATC does a surprisingly decent job of threading airplanes into a nicely spaced string of pearls on final. AND they always seem to give little ole me a light edge in the sequencing. It’s far from perfect. But it’s plausible and plausibility is about as much as we should ask from a sim.

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Have you considered giving VATSIM a shot?

It’s about as real as it gets and works with both XP and FSX/P3D.

Did I mention it’s free?



This. Quite a few aspiring controllers run the busier sectors. But if you don’t like filing flight plans you still will get nowhere, as they do require it. I’ve flown within the VATSIM world in So. Cal, London, Germany and NYC. The controllers are as a whole surprisingly good but a bit more up tight than reality.

I do agree with @Hangar200 that ATC is an important part of flight, and should be in a flight sim.
And, considering Flight Unlimited 2 had working ATC with 600 AI controller aircraft, in just the SF Bay area, in 1997, there’s really no excuse.

Edit. It also had adventures you could fly. And weather effects like raindrops in the windshield. FU2 was an awesome sim, in its day…


So, I solved the trim issue by resetting all the controllers and mapping them again. Now it works… Must have been a button mapped to the trim, after all.

XP11-1/2 runs well on :vulcan_salute:ulkan!
I had forgotten the great flightmodelling of XP! It really feels authentic.
Now, I want some new shoes… That Tiger Moth and SF.260 looks comfortable.

Good to hear that Troll.

Tiger Moth is free so you will save a little there :slight_smile:

Regarding SF260 I would point you, and others, to review in free issue [free user account needed] of PC PILOT magazine (the one with Cat on cover)


What should one use to open a crash file from X plane. I want my Ortho scenery back :frowning:
crash_report_04_12_2020_12_37_45.7z (53.6 KB)

I’m starting to like X-Plane again! :slight_smile:
I’m able to run HDR and scenery on high, with very nice performance, in VR…
Now I must get me some of that Bush scenery that @BeachAV8R, @PaulRix and @smokinhole don’t recommend.

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I really don’t :wink: recommend Quatam River- available through OrbX or direct from the Propstrike store, Bella Coola BC or Stewart BC…

oh, and Machmell Fisheries (free by Propstrike and reasonably close to Bella Coola)…

And yes, Vulkan makes a huge difference to the sim especially if you fly in VR. :sunglasses:


Another question I have is how do I get vulkan to work. I updated nvidia to latest release but it says I need to update my vulkan drivers

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Free!!! :open_mouth: How is @BeachAV8R going to feed his family!!! :grimacing: