X-Plane 11 - A nice area for small aircraft general aviation

Does anyone have a recommendation for an area in X-Plane 11 that has some nice scenery (hills, rivers, valleys, lakes and/or beach front cabin property :slight_smile: ) that has a couple of nicely details small aviation airports? It can be a commercial add on but what I am looking for is somewhere with a bit of variety and some smallish strips that you can visit in some of the general aviation planes (or float planes) in X-plane 11. I want some relaxation flying but still something with a few ILS and Navigation items to play with.

I was looking at the Billy Bishop Toronto City airport scenery but I am looking for something like it with a few smaller airports (or grass strips) and float plane bases in the area with similar high-quality scenery.

Any suggestions?

Reference: CYTZ - Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport-Skyline-CYTZ

Any of the OrbX True Earth GB regions would probably be good. GB South has everything from the sprawl of London, to the valleys of Wales, including the Mach Loop region. Lots of small airports scattered about too.

True Earth Central has the Lake District which is very picturesque. GB North has Scotland which is as rugged as it is beautiful.

If you want to fly in Canada, then the Bella Coola scenery is awesome, as is Stewart. There is a nice freeware scenery for Juneau available on X-Plane.org.

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Yeah I remember @fearlessfrog posting his love for the OrbX GB scenery. I thought he was just feeling nostalgic or something but it does look beautiful! I will have to check that out.

This looks like a great area as well.

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The True Earth scenery sets a new standard for larger area scenery. Breaking the region into 3 separate packages means it will seem a bit pricey if you want the whole thing, but when you see how much work must have gone into it, I think it is worth every penny. The only negative apart from cost is that it seems to flatten all the runways. I’m not sure why they decided to do that. Still, it looks amazing and I’ll gladly sacrifice the uneven runways for such amazing scenery.

Herons nest was nice to fly around. Can’t link from phone but it has been posted elsewhere on the forums. It’s freeware BTW

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Also check

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With the default XP11 scenery, I like Buochs (LSZC) - small general aviation airfield and home to a (the?) Pilatus aircraft factory. Heading WSW towards Interlaken puts you into some nice scenic valleys. The Swiss AF Alpnach air base is close by if you want to fly helicopters or tactical jets. One of my favorite places in FSX and now in XP11. :slightly_smiling_face:


For a lot of bang for the buck (if you have the system horsepower to run it) - Washington XP (Drzewiecki) is a nice value for the money because it has the big airports of DCA and Andrews AFB, as well as College Park, Potomac, Washington Executive…plus all that downtown scenery and a few helipads scattered about. It is a bit of a resource hog though…but great for low and slow VFR flying:

A nice 9-island package with some varying types of airports and seaplane bases can be found here too…although I haven’t tried it with X-Plane 11 and I’m not sure what scenery object libraries need to be installed…so YMMV:


I like:

PropStrike Quatam River (extremely good), plus BetiX’s CYBD Bella Coola is pretty close, for a bit of a larger field - BetiX’s CZST Stewart isn’t too far either.



Quatam River is magnificent. There is so much to see and explore in just a few tens of square miles. But if you want to get a taste od Propstrike’s talent risk-free, try their free Machmell Fisheries. That last option is close enough to Bella Coola to plan stunning short flights. All are best appreciated by helicopter. A conclusion that will surprise no one who knows me.

Another area I enjoyed for free is Jamestown, VA. The guy who developed it made a half dozen other airports from Richmond to points east of varying quality.



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