X-Plane 11 Beta Out of Memory Error

A bit of a whoopsie by me here. I was fiddling around with FlyInside XP, as it works with the XP11 beta’s and kept getting bad frame rates and eventually running out of memory. Given everything in that previous sentence is a ‘beta’ then I was not that surprised.

Then I remembered that I had Virtual Memory turned off for this Win10 PC, as I had 16GB and nothing really had bothered it. I guess I had over-tinkered at some point and forgot.

Anyway, yes, XP11 does use more than 16GB of RAM and if you have your settings high enough then will actually require a page file set up. I set it back to 'Control Panel / System / Advanced / Perfomance / ‘Let Windows Handle the Page File, Dummy’ set to yes.


I’m always thrown for a loop when I exit FlyInside then go back to 2D rendering and the camera angles are all screwed up…LOL…

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