X-Plane 11 Control Questions

OK, so I picked up X-Plane 11 a week or so ago and have so far been impressed both with the base game as well as the availability of quality free addons. I think the last X-Plane I had was released in the mid 2000s so I’m happy to see the all the great improvements.

I do have a couple questions though with regard to controls.

Is there a way to have the nosewheel tiller and rudder combined to one axis? It’s a little frustrating having to use two seperate axis for both. More realistic? Yes, but I’d still prefer them to be combined.

Also, it seems like most sims that support TrackIR - BMW, DCS, FSX/P3D, ED, ARMA, etc - have it figured out pretty well. XP, however … has some room for improvement. The movement is just… wonky. One moment you’re scanning your instrments and the next your head is outside the cockpit. Any ideas? I’ve reverted to pausing TrackIR for a large portion of the flight and using the custom Numpad views (very nifty, by the way) to get around to most of the panels.

Keep the cockpit window closed.

Sorry, I just couldn’t resist. :wink:

I don’t have XP11 but with DCS I had to add some dead zones to the TrackIR axis… Maybe some apps are more sensitive?

X-Camera plug-in lets you set up trackir head movement limits.


Hey @boomerang10 here is a quick guide for X-Camera. You probably have already figured it out but this may help someone down the road.

I struggled for a long time with the views for X-Plane to the point where I kept putting it down again. The biggest one for me was that I always felt pushed up against the instrument panel and it never felt right in the way that DCS or really any other sim feels natural from the start. Finally I figured out that the field of view was set terribly close by default. This was part of a bigger lesson for me that I apply whenever I fire X-Plane up: EVERYTHING must be configured. Every single setting. Once I got that nailed in I have gotten along better with it.

So first things first - if you haven’t set your field of view do that first and go into an X-Plane cockpit and test it out. I set mine to 90.00 but everyone has different viewing devices so set what works for you.

Next download X-Camera here - https://www.stickandrudderstudios.com/x-camera/download-x-camera/

The free version has everything you need to get your head right in the cockpit. The paid registered version has more camera angles for making movies and so on. Your call.

The guide is very good that comes with it and will answer far more questions than this post will, so reading the manual is a good idea.

Basically put the X-Camera files in the plug-in folder in X-Plane. Fire up X-Plane.

In order to use X-Camera you must disable the Track-Ir check box in X-Plane as in the above screenshot.

Get into a plane and you will first need to go to plugins on the top tool bar and enable X-Camera. You will then open that menu again and go to the Full Control panel. When that opens you will need to check the box to enable Track-Ir. You will now be able to move your head view as in other sims. From there it is pretty straightforward to configure the positioning as you like.

I would particularly recommend the elevation arrows as X-Plane seems to think everyone is very short (configure e v e r y t h i n g).

You can also move your head to the side just short of the cabin wall and then click the Max XXX buttons under Track-Ir limits to set the boundaries and then check off Enable Track-Ir limits. Don’t forget to save your settings lower right.

Hope that helps.

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Another vote for X-Camera. I was frustrated with TrackIR implementation until I tried it. It takes a bit of use to get right, but also allows a very nice level of customization (even the free version).