X plane 11 field of view

the default FOV is 60. I never changed mine but I see now that in the airliners you can’t see anything on the panel unless you change the FOV.
On the little planes it doesn’t matter.
What do you like for FOV? and what other menu changes have I missed out on by not ever changing settings in X 11…?

It’s been years since I flew 2D but I seem to recall 55deg.

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For some reason mine is set to 90… but like Eric I do 99.99% of my flying in VR.

Try to match it to the real life fov of your screen.

How big is your screen and how far are your eyes from it?

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75 works ok for the 737. I have much to learn about the big planes.I really like the Baron 58 twin. So simple and easy.

always forget to check, but iirc I have FOW like 90 - 100 based on aircraft.
imo the feeling of motion is better with wider fov. if I play on laptop screen I have to zoom in to read the cockpits, on big screen its not a problem.

do not underestimate it ! I did and have already two belly landings and one prop ground hit in my virtual logbook :smile:

but honestly, all my mistakes. the last one was landing long, on wet runway, with tailwind.
in that particular flight, there were not many good decisions made :slight_smile:

I would like to find a used Baron that was in pieces…like in boxes…just the fuselage as a whole…get it for a few thousand…no engines/wings or avionics…
then make composite wings modeled on the 787… Fadec Diesel engines
from an automobile…all new Dynon avionics… new tail…new landing gear…
of course it would have to labeled as Experimental for the rest of its life…
The only way I could ever have a Baron in real life…