X-Plane 11 HD Mesh Scenery v4 the easy way...

So last night I realized I have a stupid number of conflicting meshes installed. AlpilotX HD Mesh v3, UHD Mesh, and a smattering of HD Mesh v4. I noticed on AlpilotX’s page that there is now an option to torrent the HD Mesh v4 downloads. All you have to do is download the torrent bundle, drop all of those torrent files into your Torrent client, and go to sleep. I woke up this morning and 116GB of mesh were downloaded and read to go.


For those with unlimited download/data, that sure beats clicking the map and doing each tile individually.


Just as an additional suggestion to this -

Set your Torrent client download location to the X-Plane folder you want the AlpilotX files in. Make sure you suspend any other torrents you may have running during this.

If you do this the AlpilotX files will already be where you want them in X-Plane and you won’t have to do the move.

Just remember to reset your Torrent download location when complete.


Yes…definitely this. And be sure you have enough space for both the torrent files, and the decompression once you have them. It doesn’t really look like there is much compression though…so you might need around 117GB x 2 ~ 250GB free to do it…

I have started playing around w Xplane 11. Performance is good but I find the scenery dull. Any tips on scenery?

I’m just getting my X-Plane 11 HD mesh on and I think this is a bad suggestion @Tankerwade. The torrents download zip files that have to be uncompressed to their final destination.

My suggestion is to download the zip files wherever you have space that’s NOWHERE NEAR the SSD you have X-Plane installed and then highlight them all/right click/Extract files … and select their final resting place which would probably be that zzz_hd_global_scenery4/Earth nav data/ folder in X-Plane 11 you’ve set up.