X-Plane 11 - Monitor width and FOV settings

Since I have a new install of X-Plane I’m realizing I have a lot of settings that I’ve just lived with for years or not messed with much. I’m curious what you use for FOV in relation to your monitor width? Much of the time I’m in VR, so it doesn’t much matter, but I have a 34" ultra-wide monitor and I’m thinking 75° seems to fit the right amount of cockpit. I know this varies according to cockpit geometry - but just curious what you guys are using?

I found an interesting answer by one of the more popular moderators over at .ORG:

“The most realistic setting is the one that matches the angle of your field of vision covered (horizontally) by your monitor. Mathematically, it’s twice the arctangent of half the monitor width divided by the distance between your eyes and the monitor.”

I don’t know what any of that means. So I just moved it til’ it felt right…


I also did not understand that. I am also a fan of the “thats about right, like so” approach.

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Ive tried the mathematical approach before ono other sims. The always seem too close. So I just go by that’s about right.

But this may help get you in the ballpark too

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In sim racing circles, the mere mention of “feels about right” can launch a holy war, such is the crusade for the correct FOV. It’s refreshing to hear.


Stealth’d a quck sketch for you.
My monitor is 34" (normal widescreen, 16:9, 1920x1080) at home if I recall correctly.
For this drawing, I am 24" away from it.

(In DCS I like an 80 degree FOV in the Hornet, that feels the best to me. The default is actually around 63 and it feels like tunnel vision. I would like an Ultra-Wide though.)

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This example it’s from simracing but makes the point across well. Basically when you set your FOV correctly it makes your monitor bezel a window to virtual world “one to one”.

For good representation you can use the rule of thumb, literally - in real world the apparent size of the moon is 31 arcsec (around 0,5°), width of your finger at arms lenght is around 1°. So stretch out your arm and compare your finger with the moon in game and set your FOV accordingly. In practice though when you have 24 inch monitor at sensible distance you would have to narrow your view to basically max zoom level in DCS.


In racing games its a lot more important. The problem with changing the FOV in flight simming, IMO, is that depending on how far you sit from the monitor, you also lose the capability to read the smaller gauges. I find myself just using the scroll wheel and change it as I deem necessary. Another win for VR.


Here’s a cool FOV calculator …

EDIT: Here’s my specs with a 60” screen (I know it sounds excessive LOL) …

77 degrees! Nice FOV! You can keep your 34” ultrawides and triple monitor setups. Just give me a big old screen and I’m happier than a pig in sh*t. :smiley: I do love my Oculus Rift S too though. :sunglasses:


Here’s another video about FOV - in DCS though, but still interesting.