X-Plane 11 Screens

So even though MSFS is darn beautiful - X-Plane really does still hold its own. And it doesn’t even take much work…but it isn’t as easy as just starting the sim and letting the data stream in.

That said, this is a simple bit of ortho generated by me (I think it is only two tiles worth) around Donegal, Ireland. I think it looks very good and compares favorably to the MSFS satellite imagery (I really like the hand crafted MSFS Donegal that is part of the new sim…)


Having some fun with the Airspray plugin and the freeware EMB200 Empanema.


So I don’t know why I’ve not got more into the Saab 340 (LES / X-Aviation) - but for an article I’m working on I had to fire it up and…man…it is really amazing. Superb cockpit, nice old school-ish EFIS tubes…kinda some wonky power control response, but really nice overall…

Shooting a crosswind NDB approach into Donegal…yay!


ND what? :laughing:

I actually had to fly one in the sim this year in Dallas. Not sure how that made it onto our training and checking form…haha…I plumbed the depth of my memory to remember how to do it. Then I had to find a timer in the cockpit…

Sounds like your instructor was bored… and slightly sadistic :wink: .

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Gonna have to up my bribe game. What kind of beer did you like again sir?

More crop dusting. This time I flew out of KBVS Skaggit and reloacated to WN51 Bayview Farms. There are plenty of fields around the farm strip that are in need of some chemicals :grimacing:.

Here I am spraying my chosen field…you can see the areas I have already ‘dusted’…

I’m trying to keep the passes straight, but it isn’t as easy as it sounds.

You can fill the tanks only when you have landed and shut down. If you fill the tank completely, the aircraft is going to be heavy and sluggish, so it is up to you how big a load of chemicals you want to take each time.

The Airspray app is a lot of fun so far, and I haven’t even unlocked the other mission types yet. Well worth the $14 investment. This is a hoot in VR!


This looks like a lot of fun :slight_smile:

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Wow that looks amazing!!

Farming Simulator: Sky Edition. :smiley:


The natural offshoot would be firefighting…!


These are a few of the Air Tractors belonging to a duster outfit not far from where I grew up…

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Fire fighting is part of the plugin. You have to unlock it and I’m about 1/3 of the way there.


Hey @Troll, what were they spraying for, do you know? I am guessing mosquitoes or spraying trees.

Trees, mostly. Forestry is big business in my ol’ neck of the woods :wink:
This company did crop dusting in Sudan, in the scandinavian winter and returned to Sweden in the summer, to spray the woods.
Our neighbour worked as a technician for them. He also had a Jodel two seat experimental, in which I had my first flight. He also built his own Volksplane VP1. In addition he built and flew model aircraft. A major influence on this former teenager… :slight_smile:

Here’s the strip from where they operate in that video. I will check it out when I get MSFS…


I hope something like that will reach FS2020 as well. Everyone can be like Dusty Crophopper from Disney’s “Planes” (in which the crop dusting plane takes part in a race around the world, and part 2, in which Dusty becomes a firefighter).

A “Dusty Crophopper” livery alone would make my kids happy (and I would definitely fly the plane).

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Nice find @PaulRix. Now bring on firefighting with a converted DC-10, 747, and Avro RJ85.



That was a great find. I am enjoying the CBi of course.

@PaulRix alright, I picked up it. :man_shrugging: :rofl: Fun stuff especially in the EMB200.
I unlocked the firefighting missions, but I am not able to generate income. I don’t think my spray/water is having any effect on the fires. Any ideas?

There is a note in the manual: You probably will not suppress all the fires on one tank of water, so plan for a returntrip for a refill.
If that is the case, it will take quite a long time to drop an entire tank load on the fires. And the fires are not exactly big. :thinking: