X-Plane 11 Steam Edition

I just pulled the trigger on X-Plane 11. Without thinking, i just bought the steam edition. Will this be a problem when buying 3rd party planes? I can still refund it if the stand alone version is better.

No AFAIK there are no issues using 3rd party planes with the steam version. I also have the steam version but I haven’t bought anything 3rd party yet.

No it all works. The only difference is that steam betas are only the release candidates. The pre-release candidate betas don’t show up on steam (unless they’ve changed policy)

Sounds good. 90 GB download in progress.

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I generally like to cut out the middle man.

Been desperately looking for a thread for this question - it’s an old one, but it seems the best one for it, so…

I have XP11 on Steam.

Normally, if I want to move a game from one HDD to another I just do it and let steam sort it out (running uninstall from old locstat/reinstall to new).

Is there any reason why this wouldn’t work with XP11, from the pov of the sim (i.e. not Steam). I’m sure I read that it is completely portable, like RoF for example. Is this true?

I need to get it on my SSD, but I have 64GB worth already and can’t remember what I changed in config files, so I’d rather keep it as is.

XP-10 doesn’t really care where it is. I didn’t reinstall it when I had to format windows last year and it happily started up again and asked for the CD Key, which it remembers so you just need to click “activate” every now and then. I’d guess XP-11 isn’t that different.

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Thanks - I’ve unsinstalled and reinstalled - just need to copy over the extras and their respective config files - I can’t see that being a problem, as they just point to where the add-on files are.