X plane 11 tips and tricks

Hi all, now I haven’t had x plane that long and haven’t really scratched the surface if I’m honest. I can do the startups and merrily fly around using my skydemon app with the default planes (I’ve spent Hours in the cessna and King Air)
Now the reason for this thread is I know for sure that I’m missing out things. For instance in another thread we discussed the purchase of a helicopter and I said I was neglecting XP over DCS at the moment. So today I thought I’d fire it up and set up my new equipment and see the difference.
It updated and I saw the notes for the B52g and the KC10 Extender… THE WHAT?!
KC10 is one of my favourite aircraft. I had no idea that it was in the sim whatsoever… Now after some button smashing I found that the XP10 versions of some aircraft were available to use. They appear to have no 3d cockpits but still seems fairly functional.
Now one thing I cannot work out for the life of me is how to look around or zoom in the 2d cockpit. I can’t see any gauges or any way of changing the fixed view I had except moving to a 3d view that makes the cockpit disappear and only the rims of the windows show.
Could anyone help me set this up or tell me what I’m doing wrong please?
Also as the name of the thread suggests any other hints or tips to get my moneys worth would be fantastic as I really haven’t played around with XP11 and now I’m sure I’m missing things that could really open up the thing to me.
I must say after playing DCS solely for a few months it really is a struggle to get oriented with XP and it really does feel clunky in comparison.
I’m going to stick with it but would really appreciate the help. No wrong answers and anything accepted.
Light, heavy, jet and helicopter tips please or just anything you can think of.


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Im not at home to look at my XP11 but im no expert anyway. May i suggest you try a search on YouTube? Try something like “getting started in XPlane 11”. Everything i learned about XP, i learned on YouTube.
But be sure some smart people will be here to give you advice. Some Mudspikers take thier GA Seriously.
Good luck!

Like I say I have been using it a fair bit for the light aircraft. The basic bread and butter stuff I have no issue with and can do without any problem. I was more wondering about the stuff that might be hidden away or not immediately obvious (like the xp10 planes hidden away) i use it all the time to plan my real life flights using skydemon.
But I just wondered if there is cool stuff I haven’t realised yet as I obviously haven’t explored it fully.
I’m sure I will find stuff on YouTube that will help unlock its potential but I really would rather have my friends on Mudspike relate their experiences with it as these guys in my eyes are the ones to listen to and have never steered me wrong :blush:

There’s some good stuff in here:

It’s also worth using the ‘Summarize This Topic’ button to let @discobot give the essential info in here as well:

A new topic like this is best though, as things change and X-Plane does take some getting used to.

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You can also build your own photo scenery for free, realy recomended

for this I gues you need to head to aftermarket caled xplane forums, you can fined many useful aditions to the base game for free.

Like this

…aaaand if you are hesitant on the payware AW139 you can try this helo first for FREE - recomended ( seems like new version for v11.30 is out )

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You sir. Are a HERO! thats me sorted. Thanks dude that’s awesome. I have quite a small list of planes that really excite me and the gucci bird is very very near the top of it. Thanks @NEVO

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I knew the Cavalry would come to your rescue

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