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Thread for release news, pending releases, projects, and interesting X-Plane info…


Aircraft Training Solutions (ATS) MD-82 coming soon…

Panavia Tornado 0.9

The Panavia Tornado is a twin-engine, variable-sweep wing multi-role combat aircraft. The Tornado was jointly developed and manufactured by Italy, the United Kingdom, and Germany.
It can perform at supersonic speed up to Mach 2.2 and has a service ceiling of about 50,000 ft.

Using a sophisticated terrain following radar it is also capable of fully automated low level flying at 200 ft, up to Mach 1.1.

The simulation includes:
Pilot and navigator 3d cockpits
Realistic performances
Detailed startup sequence
Moving map
Terrain following radar
Radar warning
Long and short range guided bombs
Custom HUD with CCIP for gravity bombs; air and ground targets tracking
Weapon control panel with multi-configuration capability
Realistic / animated in flight refueling with the provided buddy tanker
Animated ejection sequence
Custom throttle control
Custom internal and external lights
Version 0.9. First public “for friendly users” release

Buddy tanking!

More photos here:

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Sweet…! I had a chance to fly the early-alpha…just watching those reversers deploy is mesmerizing… I can’t wait to try this out…

I was out painting lines at KMUD today and happened to catch this with my cell phone… :wink:


So while I went to peruse the Tornado, which obviously looks sierra hotel, I saw the Alabeo sale. Will probably pickup the C195, C207, and Agtruck.

Edit: BDA



That’s a nice lineup! I’ve already got the C188B - really fun airplane. The 207 is definitely on my radar, but I have the C-172RG and a 185F…so I might skip the 207 and instead get the C-404 which is on sale on another site.

Some nice info in this video about planes coming for XP11…!

The C-188 looks neat, does it have any special AG equipment?

Yes…it has sprayers that you can turn off and on…


There is a nice freeware Bell 429 that was just released at the .ORG: HERE!

It is very nice - payware quality. I’m having a little bit of trouble with it though because for some reasons the rotors aren’t animating for me - they just show up as a static blur. I checked and it appears that the rotor demo mode is off…so I don’t know what is going on with it. Might be another plug-in type conflict. Anyway, the helo is really nice and there are dozens of liveries included in the package…

Someone (developer?) posted a cold start video:


Purdy Toys for X-Plane 11.

That 738 is looking really nice :dog: :hotdog:

I think XP11 is looking like a Day 0 buy for me so far.




I don’t think my computer can handle it :joy:

Other then that, it’s gorgeous. I wonder how detailed those new aircraft are compared to payware releases(Rotate MD-80, anyone?). Perhaps this is a fine task for @BeachAV8R? :wink:

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This is probably the nicest…most detailed free airport I’ve seen for X-Plane…maybe even better than the best payware airport I’ve seen…

SCFA Cerro Moreno airport (Chile)…just stunning work!




Some of you probably already caught this - but I didn’t because I haven’t loaded the JAR A320neo in a few weeks. His aircraft and software come with a great feature that gives you a message when updated betas or new releases are on his site. It sure would be nice if all add-on aircraft had this feature. Anyway - I loaded his A320 up tonight and got the message that a new version was released on Oct. 16 - ver 2.7b3 with a nice list of fixed and updated features:

  • MAC OS Sierra compatible
  • New PW1100G Engines 3D model included (need to select by MCDU MENU)
  • Pause at TOD added (MCDU MENU Page 2)
  • Possible to unlock and then to open cockpit door
  • New cabin (“Sky interior”) lighting system
  • New cockpit “Dark cockpit” lightins system (please use “Dark cockpit” option by MCDU MENU)
  • New cockpit manipulator system “mouse wheel control” (need to select by MCDU MENU)
  • New ground equipment set, include new lighting system
  • Working sunshields
  • Cockpit textures and details improved
  • Cockpit Integ.light/light system improved
  • New cockpit and cabine windows set
  • Visual Ice detector added, include icing effect
  • Few bugs fixed
  • Some PFD/ND details changes
  • Wipers operation effect and some rain improvements added
  • New cockpit “reflecting” glass effect added
  • New cabin windows textures added and fixed issue with “missing strobe glass” for cabin view
  • Fixed wrong left wiper handle orientation
  • Fixed wrong “Cold & Dark” Ground power and battery voltage indication
  • New controls for door switch and trimmer handle added
  • Possibility to control Flaps and Speed brake lever by mouse added
  • Some issues with wheel mouse control fixed
  • New ground Handling

Available here: ver 2.7 beta 1,2,3 WIN/MAC 64 bit (Page 1) — Beta-versions (Download & Discussions) — JARDesign Group Board


This is a nice little add-on for the JAR A320neo - it allows aircraft skins to feature the new reflective layer that was created by Ddenn. I guess the plug-in is aircraft specific in that Ddenn allows the plug-in to be integrated into certain aircraft. I don’t know if the plan is to license it to X-Plane or just on a per-aircraft basis or what, but for the JAR A320 it is freely available and it looks great, giving skins a reflective finish that looks really nice in motion.

Link to A320 reflections file

Here are two screens I took this morning that show the reflections…

And a short video by Ddenn showing what the reflections look like in motion on the Challenger 300…


All very nice- but it’s just me that notices the reflections are of a generic farmland?

Yeah…probably. I’ve seen that in FSX as well…but it never really bothered me much…

Not really a BIG issue. I’m always glad to have the luck of nagging about minimal stuff- if I had big problems… :grimacing:

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