X-Plane 11 Vulcan Updates

They seem to be making great progress on the OpenGL → Vulcan conversion on X-Plane 11.

This could be nice for XP, in that frames rates are ‘ok’ but not really scaling that well to higher resolutions, VR and the new generation of GPUs. It is ok in VR but being better would be really welcome.

A Vulcan based API rewrite allows them to free up the main thread in the CPU to give more work for the GPU to do. This will hopefully mean that overclocking the living hell out of a poor CPU just so that CPU0 can fry at 100% while the others sit idle is not the only way to get better framerates. Finally these i7’s and i9’s will have some more things to do.

It’s nice to see so much active development in the civ sim world like this.


Great news! What with this and ED getting close to dramatically improving frame rates, I’d say it is a great time for those of us who like to sim in VR.


It really does feel that way. With X-Plane, DCS and IL-2 BoX all doing well, and with lots of new VR devices coming out this Spring, then I feel like a fat kid in a candy store! :slight_smile:


Yeah…definitely kids in a candy store feeling. Very excited about this next wave of tech.

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Looks like Vulcan is getting nearer in X-Plane, with 11.50 being the target this year.

(not sure this is the right place, but on a quick look couldn’t find an X-Plane news topic)…

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Looks good. Yeah…I had been putting some news in the releases thread. We’ve bucked all your efforts at organization…haha…I’m so sorry…


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