X-Plane AARs

First up, apologies if there is already a XP11 AAR topic.

Inspired by the Christmas Flight discussion and one or two ‘Bad Influencers’ I bit the bullet and bought XP11.

I want to crawl-walk-run, so starting with something low and slow I purchased the VSKYLABS EuroFOX and took it for a spin (no, not that kind of spin) today.

This thing is a ton of fun. Basic plan was to take off from YSCB and see if I could find my house. Canberra isn’t my closest airfield, but it has nice long runways… and hey, I’m a learner.

Still, it gets into the air in no time.

Climb out and looking for Googong Dam… there it is.

I can now commence my IFR (I Follow Rivers) flight plan with the ‘mighty’ Queanbeyan River below.

There’s the neighbours house, Hi Mal & Jenny :wave:

Looking, looking… some ■■■■■■■ has stolen my house! It should be right there?

Oh, well, might as well head back. Googong back in sight again. Why is this light blinking at me? I don’t know what that is, I’ll just ignore it.

Runway in sight.


And parked.


Crawl - Walk - Run… Pffft! Let’s go for a sprint.

What could possibly go wrong?

Yeee Haw!!!

RIP Harry Bumcrack. Last seen somewhere over Nevada at 50,000ft and climbing.

Luckily his clone is more sensible and practicing in something he can handle :slight_smile:


I intermittently fly a tail dragging eurofox IRL and its one of the best things I’ve ever sat in. Besides @Scoop’s longeze


Excellent report … ah … @Harry_Bumcrack :slight_smile:


great report!

I agree that its tempting to travel fast in the sim and technically there is nothing much to see ‘down low and slow’ regarding the default scenery so there is that.

but for the piloting part definitely better to take it step-by-step :wink:

but with few simple freeware steps you can make the scenery look little bit better. here you can see ortho4xp for the satellite imagery and simHeaven for buildings and roads. it looks little bit more life-like I would say :slight_smile: (my pics are from XP12 but its available similarly for XP11)

Googong Dam

wasnt able to figure out where is your house located so here some random houses along the Queanbeyan River banks


Cheers. I am running some custom scenery see below. One reason for my house not showing was I had the number of objects set to minimum (which is why I was a bit underwhelmed with flying over Canberra at first). Turning that up to max made a big difference :slight_smile:

No ortho yet because I basically used all my off-peak data for the month downloading XP11 and updating a heap of games from my steam library that I was able to reinstall because I now have a 4TB ‘D’ drive.



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btw if you want to save some FPS than ‘Reflections’ slider is better candidate. dosnt add that much and is performance hungry.