X-Plane: Aginor's next plane(s)

A 1kN grip or a hammer will force those together. That plastic will conform! :boom:

It’s equal in quality to… let’s say fecal matter.

Some C340 screens…


What airfield is that in the last screen? Very nice!

Wow, that looks SO much better than in Carenado’s screenshots.
Thanks a lot!

That’s Juneau! Perhaps the freeware version even?

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Yeah…I saw the Alaska Airlines tail down there…figured it might be Pacific Northwest…but I think you got it…!

Yeah, it’s the well done freeware Juneau International. Great place to launch bush flying adventure.


Hearty recommendation from me too! Pretty sure I posted it in the X-plane Release Thread in October! You even complimented the author if my memory does not totally fail me @BeachAV8R.

Very likely… :laughing: - scenery like that is tempting to move my Air Hauler base to - but I’m sure rent is ridiculous. It will have to wait until I’m rolling in the money…(at the rate I’m making money in AH, X-Plane 20 will be being released)…

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$52k per month. Ouch!

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Ok, next question:
Does it make any difference if I buy planes from the Aerosoft shop, compared to Carenado?
Any advantages/disadvantages? (except the obvious one that the Aerosoft shop has a lot more stuff, and Carenado has only Carenado). I noticed the planes that are on sale on the Carenado site are on sale at Aerosoft as well.

Not that I’m aware of. Of course, one could argue that the developer’s own site would probably be a faster point source for updates - but then again, a huge site light SimMarket or Aerosoft might be less likely to go out of business and close down their web presence. I dunno… I’ve got serial numbers scattered over probably a dozen flight sim sites at this point. What I wouldn’t give for a single source for all my sim add-ons… I generally won’t buy something for $1 or $2 off at a fly-by-night site if I can get it from a reputable source. And finally, though I love Steam for everything else, I tend not to use them for my flight sim needs simply because the patching rate and modding that we tend to do with our sims makes Steam a bit more clunky in that regard. I still get aggravated at how BIS (Arma 3) and Steam spread files everywhere throughout my hard drive…

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I’ll think about it one or two days more, but I am prooooooobably going to risk something and get two or three of them (V-tail Bonanza, C-340, C-152). Less than 40€ for three planes is just too good of a deal. Even if only one of them ends up working properly it will be a good deal.

…especially when you consider that I spent 250 dollars on FSX modules (Flight1 Citation Mustang, VRS Superbug and TacPack) that I flew just a few hours because they didn’t f***ing work properly, and were never patched. Or were patched but worked like **** after the patch as well. :smiley:

And nobody knows when XP11 leaves beta. Might be in a year from now, and I will need some high quality plane to fly until then. :smiley:

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Yeah…I’m having the internal debate on the PC12. I’m betting it will be made fully XP11 compatible…but if not, I’m out that money probably unless I just come to grips with an XP10/11 dual install…

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I picked up the B200 (thanks for sharing your opinion on that one Chris). So far I really like it and it seems to be behaving itself in XP11.

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Don’t worry…I’m sure a future update will break it…LOL…

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LOL. Probably very true.

The only issue that I’ve found so far is that the HDG and CRS knobs on the autopilot panel aren’t working. Let me know if you guys find it otherwise. I’m guessing that you could map a key to those.