X-Plane "favorites" airports - what file are they stored in?

So I only just recently (a few months ago) (embarrassingly) found the feature where you can select the star next to the airports in the menu to store favorite airports to your favorites list. That is a nice feature since when you want to browse through some of your quality fields for a quick flight, they are all listed there without having to peer in the custom scenery directory or something.

Anyway - with the 11.30 beta, I deleted my preferences folder thinking I’d clean start that folder…and it did kill my favorites list. For future reference, does anyone know what file controls that? I’m pretty sure it would be in the preferences folder, but I haven’t discovered it yet…


Ooh nice, I never noticed that feature!

Haven’t really gotten around to X-Plane due to my graduation project, but I am finishing that December 10 and would like to get into it, also after the Christmas Flight.

Anyways what I wanted to say was : everytime I see @BeachAV8R post another amazing beautiful (often free) short field somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, I wish there was some sort of a list of these fields.

So I was thinking, when you get this stuff sorted, will you post some screenshots of your list? The XY12 style codes are a bit hard to remember and I always spot them on mobile, so I can’t immediately download


Looks like the Airport ‘starred’ favorites are stored in

X-Plane 11\Output\preferences\Freeflight.prf

P _favorite_apt ESUA 1
P _favorite_apt CYVR 1
P _favorite_apt CYPK 1

…as codes. With a limit of 100 apparently.

EDIT: Should say how I found that out:

  1. I added CYVR as a favorite by ticking the start. Started a flight.
  2. Used the normal windows ‘find string’ search command:

findstr /spin CYVR *

(the /spin means recursive, ignore case and unprintable chars, show line number in result)

…in the X-Plane Output folder on the command line. It came back with stuff like this that told me the answer:

logbooks\X-Plane Pilot.txt:64:2 180904    CYVR    CYVR   0   0.1   0.0   0.0   0.0   ZB738  b738
preferences\Freeflight.prf:15:P _rwy_or_ramp CYVR 0_1
preferences\Freeflight.prf:74:P _start_is_rwy CYVR 1
preferences\Freeflight.prf:116:P _favorite_apt CYVR 1

Much more efficient than me randomly opening pref files… :rofl: