X-Plane FlightFactor 757 Pro Sale

On sale for $35.


So I think I want this, but this will be my first paid extension ‘heavy’ in XP10. Is it a good choice or are there better choices out there? Should I be looking at the JAR airbuses etc?

I’m looking for a really good FMS experience. @weaponz248 What say you? :slight_smile:

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It certainly looks like the real deal, judging by the list of features and Boeing endorsement. But I have no experience with this company. I tried to find out if they will have an EAL livery, but the link is bad. Would be a oversight if not, since Eastern was a launch partner and helped make decisions on the cockpit and cabin design. That doesn’t seem that long ago, yet the B757s are dwindling. Very high thrust to weight ratio on the 200.

I added some B757 time in my logbook before I took my Private check ride. The captain was a CFI and entered it as multi engine dual instrument x-country :slight_smile: You see, coming back from PDX one night he had gotten up to stretch his legs and grab a cup of coffee. The FO let me sit in the left seat. When we got handed off to the next center, the FO let me handle the radio. The captain returned, but sat on the jump seat and let me continue for the next hour or so. They also let me enter the decent altitude in the flight director and execute, little things like this. This was long before 9/11 and I had been on the trip with these guys all month. I was bugging the hell out of them concerning every little detail, and I guess they remember when they started and how consumed one becomes was with flying. Great guys and I hope to hell that they found flying jobs after the great Frank Lorenzo destruction of an airline whom once had over 33,000 employees.

Anyway, when my checkride came up, I had not counted it, but the examiner said that I should, since it was valid, So I got to count it for my total time.

The FO snapped a photo for my logbook when we were at the gate somewhere.


One of the best planes out there. You’ll get more then just a FMS experience.

Amazing details. Land to hard and you have the potential to create issues at a later date. Always using the same starter? You might burn it up. Plus one annoying but fun flight attendant.


I agree…the pro 757 is about as good as it gets for X-Plane. It is fantastic. I reviewed it for PC Pilot last year…and gave it a Platinum Award (which is about as good as it gets). Very nice sound effects, awesome cockpit, and very vintage 757 feel to it. I’ll also go ahead and recommend the FlyJSims 727 and 737s - they are both fantastic. But for $35 that 757 is a good buy. I also DO like the JAR A320neo - but I think the 757 might be more faithfully reproduced. I really need to pen a head-to-head article for the site, that’d be a fun one to write…


Thanks guys. My children have suddenly been deducted the required amount for Father’s Day without even knowing it! :slight_smile:


Ok, so now I have FMS follow-up questions :slight_smile:

  • Is the navdata up to date ish in this 757? I think the free X-FMS I was using had a really out of date free set of data. For CYVR it didn’t have things that lined up with charts that I could find for free?

  • Does the nav data not being current (say it’s the 2013 version) then does it really matter. Will it stop me getting decent SIDS/STARS for say CYVR to KSFO from Flightaware? Do the nav cycles change that much that I should be paying for the data?

…Give me something like this:


https://skyvector.com/ can chart that for me, but will the 757 FMS I get understand it or be up-to-date enough?

Also, another question :slight_smile: in the Flightaware IFR route finder, do they tend not to say SIDs, as in the first waypoint for CYVR is just the YVR VOR south, rather than say SID FRASER 6 or something? Am I doing it wrong or overthinking it?

I get confused because I look on Flightaware and it will suggest a STAR like CANUC4 for going into CYVR and then I’ll go to SimBrief to get a nice log and it’ll say ‘Notice: STAR or fix “CANUC4” not found.’, so I’m wondering if I do want to do some FMS learning/flying then I’m not going to have all I need.

I think you’ll be fine with the nav data as is. Yes, every “cycle” they update the navdata, which is important for IFR pilots in that their charts need to match the database (and what the controller is using), but by and large the changes shouldn’t much affect a sim pilot. I can’t recall how the 757 FMC updates - you might even have an option to update the AIRAC via downloading something into the FMC. It’s been since last year that I touched it…

Regarding the SIDs and STARs - typically FlightAware will list the commonly used SID and STAR for the route you put in - I’m not sure why CYVR isn’t putting those in there unless they are just starting all their routes off the YVR VOR and not a published SID. It also depends on whether the airplanes going in and out are RNAV equipped and if they are filing those RNAV routes.

If you look at the typically filed routes for something like Charlotte to Kennedy - you’ll see both the SID and STAR listed for almost all of the routes…

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Great - thanks.

Is there somewhere decent to see the SIDS/STARs per airport, as this seems paid per use:


Skyvector seems good, but I’m looking for free plates I guess.

It might be an issue because of my weird Canuck starting point. I wonder if I should just relocate to Seattle for sims? :slight_smile:

LOL…yeah…all the US charts are free to view on AirNav…

Scroll down and you’ll see all of the STARs, SIDs, approach plates, etc…

I’m not sure there is an equivalent Canada service…

IVAO Canada might have stuff though:


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Yep - found that. Cool.

So for STAR’s do they version them with the last number or something, i.e. the free plates I found have a CANUCK TWO ARR star from 2012, but Flightaware will talk about CANUC4 in routes flying today? Is that just an updated route and I shouldn’t stress it, i.e. just change the route to fit what my FMS or free plates have?

Btw, I find this fascinating, mainly as I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m in a blissful state of ignorance. :slight_smile:

Yep, they do - cool!

Yeah - for instance, when I first started flying in Charlotte a couple decades ago, the STARs were like the Chesterfield 1, MAJIC9, HUGO1 - and now they are several number versions later. Many of the times they are crossing altitude restriction changes that result in the plate changing. Also, over the last few decades, STARs and SIDs that were predicated on VORs have had to be changed as those navaids have started to disappear. So where you might have had a crossing restriction that was a named intersection that was defined by a crossing radial from another VOR, they might delete the cross radial if the VOR goes away and just make it a waypoint from the database (GPS) or a radial DME.

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There has also been a push in the last decade to fly arrivals with “descend via” - in which you fly a vertical profile as well as the horizontal profile. This (ostensibly) reduces ATC communications and increases efficiency. Generally the descend via type of arrivals are constructed to provide for a mostly constant angle descent from the flight levels into the terminal area.

They are sometimes predicated on the arrival direction (landing north or south) so you have to be very careful to program the correct landing runways in…

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Actually, that’s exactly what I wanted to do. An arrival I often do is like that with a vertical profile:

Hmm, just bought and loaded up, now I see this? lol. Do I need to change a setting? :slight_smile:

That’s pretty weird. Are you flying 10.45?

Any scenery add-on? Mesh or anything?

Yep, 10.45 and just free CYVR.

It seems to happen initially when starting up XP. To fix it I just open the aircraft again, and then put myself at a gate. Weird but a workaround so far…

Try removing the cyvr package and see if that changes anything.

Or download the HD mesh v3 tiles for that area and see if that helps.

It might just be the default mesh.

Try unchecking the runways follow terrain and contours option. It might help and it might not. I had a few airports Egypt and another middle east airport I had to uncheck this option for. If I didnt I got sink holes and mountians on taxiways.

Ya that could work too, although the HD mesh should prevent that from being necessary