X-Plane issue with the Heading Bug

Is anyone else experiencing problems with the heading bug being offset to one side by about 80° from the actual heading? I’m having a devil of a time trying to fix it. It doesn’t seem to be an issue on all aircraft.

Disregard… user error! :crazy_face:

Beat kind of error :slight_smile:

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Lol! Case in point!

Best. Best. Best. Can’t type on these screens :slight_smile:

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How do you fail when using a HDG bug…?
Or does my lack of imagination indicate that I’m used to extremely basic aircraft? :wink:

At work we call that a PICNIC error - Problem In Chair, Not In Computer :laughing:


I’m used to aircraft where the aircraft heading is at the 12 o’clock position on the DG… I was trying to figure out the Vulcan. I rotated the compass card on the DG to match the present heading, and then tried to sync the heading bug, which lined up offset to the right. Coupled with behavior I have previously seen where the heading bug has been off (on the Carenado B200 for example), I concluded I was seeing the same thing. If I hadn’t messed around with the compass card, I would have probably figured it out sooner. :crazy_face:

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Actually…on my sail boat (real) I have a compassions binnacle at the helm. It has three marks. One is on the centerline of the boat and “works” just as you would imagine…the number next to it is the boats heading.

However, it is common, and really helpful, to steer the boat while standing to one side of the helm. This allows you to better see the set of the sails as well as what is ahead of the boat (a good forward view from the center is often blocked by the sails).

So the compass also has two other marks about 30º, left and right (port and starboard) from the center mark. The idea is that you first set a course, and then when you move to one side or the other, you note the “heading” on the compassions card next to the offset mark, and use that to keep you on course.

Example: If I am on a port tack–the jib and main are set to starboard so I am standing to the left side of the helm (i.e.steering with my right and on the wheel) to better see ahead–and my heading is 010º, I can one up the mark offset to the right with the 40º on the compass card. After a while, if I see that the marks on 50º, I come back left 10º; if it is on 30º, I come right…etc.

So I can understand how confusion like that could happen…in a boat…not with a sim plane though…not really helping @PaulRix am I…oh well…:slightly_smiling_face:

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I was wondering if it was just the normal DG drift (gyroscopic precession) in X-Plane.

You made me realize that even a sailing yacht is more complex than the Dash 8… :pleading_face:


Of course it is. A Dash-8 is all digital. My yacht is woefully analog. :open_mouth:

It has a few CRT displays… I guess you can call those ’digital’…?

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