X-Plane LiveTraffic

This looks like an interesting traffic generator for X-Plane. If I understand it correctly (never a sure thing), it takes publicly available information from ADS-B and then uses that data to call up object models from a library (Bluebell) and then puts it all into motion around you. It should somewhat accurately provide near real time traffic. Looks like the kind of cool programming @fearlessfrog would appreciate… :sunglasses:

  • Channels for live tracking data: OpenSky Network, ADS-B Exchange
  • Displays aircrafts (and some ground vehicles) based on tracking data, using matching CSL models
  • TCAS support…no guarantees but seems to work pretty well
  • info on aircraft/flight as labels to the planes or in info windows
  • basic flight modelling for rotate, pitch, flare; acceleration, deceleration; gear, flaps; lights; landing and take-off prediction
  • auto-land in case of live tracking data interruption on approach


LiveTraffic relies heavily on available live flight data. This data:

  • can and will be inaccurate,
  • never includes all planes in the air,
  • is geographically restricted to the coverage the channels provide,
  • often misses moving planes on the ground as ADS-B receiver coverage is more difficult the lower a plane flies,
  • provides by design only positional data every few seconds but no reliable paths or vectors,
  • does not include situational or configuration info (pitch, roll; gear, flaps, …).

This inevitably leads to some aircraft:

  • not sticking exactly to taxi routes on the ground,
  • touching down before or after the beginning of the runway,
  • hovering above it,
  • missing the runway by a few meters or even landing off-site,
  • appearing and disappearing at will,
  • performing funny maneuvers like full circles or flying extremely slow,
  • missing from the scenery due to limited coverage, which most often happens to exactly those flights you’d really really like to follow.

So with all of that in mind, I plan to give it a whirl tonight…


Oooh. I do love things like that - thanks. Going to check it out.

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Ha, cool - it works! KSFO looking suitably frantic

A fair bit of ‘suddenly appearing aircraft’, but what a nice idea. Will give it a good tryout.

Matches up with OpenSky of course:

Real-time at CYVR


Can the ID tags be turned off?

Yes. I just left them on to see if the flights were accurate.

It’s suprisingly good in terms of performance, with TCAS working as well. It’s not great at ground control, but a nice idea to make things less sterile (for free rather than World Traffic).

The biggest pain was the install needed some resources that meant lots of unrar’ing stuff into directories.


Yeah. It would be kind of nifty if once the planes touched down they could be taken over by X-Plane’s own taxi system…but I don’t think that would be capable of getting planes to gates or anything.

I can see it now. Pilots flying in real life and with themselves virtually in real time.