X-Plane Org Store Black Friday

X-Plane Org Store Black Friday Sale. 20-60% on select products. Through Monday night.

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Yes, but No! I will receive my new Credit Card on Tuesday next week the soonest… I will save lot of money in this sale :smile:

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I might actually make it through this sale without picking anything up…




OK, OK…let me take another look… :rofl:

skipping sales linke this makes only my purchasing list longer


The Antarctic Scenery pack looks fun. I have the Greenland and Amazonia ones and they are quirky and fun…not ultra realistic scenery, but a lot for the money when considering all the locations you can visit. So I might pick that one up on the sale…

If the 747 Inter was a bit cheaper I might pick that up too…

Are you able to import it into your air cargo module? It would give you access to several more cargo options and allow others to fly it which amortizes the cost much quicker. :innocent:


Yeah…that was my thought…the 747F is sort of the ultimate Air Hauler (except maybe for some of those Russian birds…and the C-5 Galaxy). If I did import it though, I’d have to have enough money to buy one in Air Hauler…or build one for 1/3 the cost…which would still be in the tens of millions of dollars. So I’ll have to keep hauling with MD-80 until I can build up even more cash.

Currently sitting in my cart. I also want that Seychelles scenery by Aerosoft…but it is still pretty pricey. It is a lot of value for the money though…and it is normally $50. If it were $25 or so I’d definitely get it…


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I would think that they should be going down in price substantially as cargo conversions considering everyone is retiring them from their passenger fleets. Might want to bring that little wrinkle up with Air Hauler regarding their pricing structure.



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Not the XP store but Orbx has all the True Earth UK 50% off and I’m considering picking up the three.

Anybody have experience with the three? So far I’ve generally stayed out of Europe in XP just because I can’t stand the default scenery.

I have all three and they are excellent. I love taking a Hawk or Tornado down from RAF Valley (EGOV) and hitting the Mach Loop. The Scottish Highlands look great too, as does the Lake District. London can bring your system to it’s knees if you are using VR though.

In case you want to try it out first, Orbx offers demo of part of the GB South. You can install it via their Orbx Central app

Also this one looks very good for reasonable price, somehow I didnt even notice they released it at all

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Ooh, that’s tempting- if I’d known about this before I started my flight, I’d have chosen a different route (insert appropriate Swedish House Mafia).